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Murder Or Suicide Puzzle

Murder Or Suicide Puzzle - 8 July

Be seeing the image below, you need to identify if it is a murder or suicide?

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  1. its a suicide......if it was a murder then he had a gun in his left hand.....cuz he is sitting on the stool with the face towards the window..and if anyone shot him then it should be on the left side so to show it as a suicide the gun should be in the left hand..but it is in the right hand.....
    It is definitely a suicide ..he jst wrote his letter and then shot him ......

    1. well he could have turned around and had got shot . this doesnt look convincing murder or convincing suicide.

    2. its a murder, because the cigarette isn't finished and people tend to finish everything before committing suicide and the place of the gun place on the hand doesn't matter because someone could've used a handkerchief to take he's finger prints off and then place it on the dead body.

  2. It obviously is a murder.The woman also holds a cigarette. Why would anyone smoke while commiting suicide?!?!

    1. Looking for this answer. Yep, it's as simple as that.

  3. The person is left-handed (holding the cigarette). The gun is in the right hand.....the victim would have held the gun in the left hand

  4. I have three theory based on which it can be either Murder, Suicide or Accident.

    Case1 : Its a Murder
    Reason1 : If it's a suicide then person must have waited for the Cigarette to end.
    Reason2 : Blood is spattered on the right side and the pistol is also on the right side. which seems pistol is planted at the end.

    Case2 : Its a Suicide
    Reason1. The lamp was switched off and glasses were removed which indicates she done writing(probably suicide note). The murderer does not care about switching off glasses or removing glasses.
    Reason2: The blood was just on the wall at the height of a person. If it's a murder the blood must have been scattering around.
    Reason3: Burning cigarette and alcohol indicated depression level which often is the reason for suicide.

    Case3 : Its a Accident
    It's must be an accident. The girl was writing using the pen and suddenly she heard a sound. She must have a gun for safety which she takes out of the security. As a preventive measure, she switched off the light so that she can't be seen in the dark. Also removed the glasses as they are of no use in the dark. After a while, she realized that it's just a sound. So to calm her down she drinks and also lights a cigarette. suddenly she slipped and try to hold stool but failed and forced her head into the wall and died.