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Robbers Coin Puzzle

Robbers Coin Puzzle - 26 July

Seven Robbers loot the bank and hide the coins at a deserted factory. They decide to divide the money equally next morning. Two greedy robbers decided to cheat the others and reach the factory at night. They equally divided the coins between them, one coin left. So they called another robber and then they decided to divide equally among three. Sadly again one coin left. Same thing happened for 4th 5th and the 6th robber.
However when 7th robber reached in the morning, they are able to divide the coins equally.

How many coins were there in total?

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  1. LCM of 1 to 6 which is 60. That multiple of 60 which when added with 1 is divisible by 7.

  2. 5041 is wrong as it is not divisible by 7.

  3. A 301 // B 721 // C 1141 // D 1561 ............................................... INFINTE ANSWERS........ ADD 420 IN 301 EACH TIME TO GET NEW ANSWE

  4. A 301 // B 721 // C 1141 // D 1561 ............................................... INFINTE ANSWERS........ ADD 420 IN 301 EACH TIME TO GET NEW ANSWER

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