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The Shirt Colour Puzzle

The Shirt Colour Puzzle - 6 July

Mr. Yellow, Mr. Black and Mr. Brown, three best friends since kindergarten meet in a function after 5 years. The three of them are wearing either a Yellow, Black or Brown shirt.

After giving each other a friendly hug, Mr. Black says, "Hey, did you notice that we are wearing a different colored shirt than our names!"

The man wearing a Brown shirt said, "Wow I certainly did not notice that but you are right Mr. Black."

Based on this conversation, can you find our who was wearing which colored shirt?

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  1. The man wearing a brown shirt talks to Mr. Black, hence he cannot be Mr. Black himself, and since they are wearing a different colored shirt than their names, the man speaking must be Mr. Yellow.
    Again using the same fact, Mr. Black must be wearing a yellow shirt and Mr. Brown must be wearing a black shirt.

    Final answers :

    Mr. Yellow : Brown
    Mr. Black : Yellow
    Mr. Brown : Black

  2. Mr Yellow: Brown
    Mr Black: Yellow
    Mr Brown: Black