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Trick Statement Riddle

Trick Statement Riddle - 27 July

Anmol is looking at Nikita, but Nikita is looking at Mayank. Anmol is married, but Mayank is not. Is married person looking at the unmarried person?

A) Yes
B) No
C) Insufficient information

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  1. Yes of course,since anmol is married and if Nikita is unmarried anmol is looking at Nikita so married person is looking at unmarried person.
    Otherwise of Nikita is married which of course is only other possibility then she's looking at Mayank who is unmarried. So in either of the case a married is looking at unmarried.

  2. C) Insufficient information. Status given for only Anmol & Mayank, we don't know Nikita's status.

  3. C) in any case Nikita is looking atan unmarried person so unless told one can't assume Nikita is married or unmarried