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Missing Rs1 Puzzle

Missing Rs1 Puzzle - 3 August

I have Rs.50 and i spend in the way below.

Where is missing Rs1?

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  1. we are counting from 1 but we end at 0

  2. The system is flawed, recording the wrong information. Look no further then step 2. We spent 20 + 15. for a total of 35 rupees. Yet the balance on the right already has a sum of 45. where did the missing 10 rupees go?

    The trick of the riddle is to trick you into accepting its faulty premise as valid. The balance at the end being so close supports this. The truth though is the second column should not be summed. It should reach zero when the sum of the first colum is 50. Nothing more.

    Imagine instead if we spent only 1 rupee. The balance would be 49. If we spent another rupee the balance is 48. The sum of the balance othen is already 87! Adding the remainder or balance has no accounting relevance.