#1 - Famous 10 Castles Puzzle

In a time long back, there lived a king who ruled the great kingdom of Trojan House. As a part of the renovation of the kingdom to meet future security needs, he asked his chief architect to lay down a new play in a manner that all of his 10 castles are connected through five straight walls and each wall must connect four castles together.He also asked the architect that at least one of his castle should be protected with walls.The architect could not come up with any solution that served all of King’s choice, but he suggested the best plan that you can see in the picture.Can you find a better solution to serve the king’s demand?

Famous 10 Castles Puzzle

If you see the solution picture, you will find out that two castles are protected with walls in this formation.

#2 - Popular Logical Barrel Puzzle

We have shown you a regular water barrel. Without using any measuring device can you check if barrels is more than half filled or less than half filled ?

Popular Logical Barrel Puzzle

Simple science, Tilt the barrel until the water will touch the upper end of the barrel. and if bottom part is visible then it is less than half filled else more than half.

#3 - Easy Matchsticks Equation Riddle

You need to move one matchstick to make below equation correct.

Easy Matchsticks Equation Riddle

3+3=8 is not true. It can be set to 3+5=8 or 5+3=8 as shown in picture below.

#4 - Hatty Potter Puzzle

Ponder upon a creature who exists in disguise
Who deals in mysteries and has nothing to tell you except lies
Now think about what is constantly the final thing to mend
What is the middle of the middle and the end of the end?
Now ponder upon the sound you must have often heard
When you were looking for the hard-to-find word
If you can tie them all together and answer this
Tell me what living creature you will always loath to kiss?

I am a Spider.

#5 - Fill In The Blanks Riddle

A _____ restaurant chef was _____ to made food as there was _____.

Can you solve the riddle by replacing blanks by a word (in three different ways) ?

Complete Sentence:
A notable restaurant chef was not able to made food as there was no table.

#6 - Popular Horse Algebric Equation Problem

Can you solve the equation by finding the value ofA) HorseB) Cowboy bootC) Horseshoe

Popular Horse Algebric Equation Problem

Horse = 10, Cowboy-Boot = 1 ,HorseShoe= 2

= Step1 =
3Horse = 30
=> Horse = 10 .....(A)

= Step2 =
1Horse + 2HorseShoe + 2HorseShoe = 18
10 + 4HorseShoe =18
HorseShoe = 2 .....(C)

= Step3 =
2HorseShoe - 2Cowboy-Boot = 2
4 - 2Cowboy-Boot = 2
=> Cowboy-Boot = 1 ... (B)

= Step4 =
Cowboy-Boot+Horse*HorseShoe = 1+10*2 =>21

#7 - The Disappearing Mango Tree Riddle

There are many trees in my garden. One such tree is a mango tree and obviously, there are some mangoes on it. Using the Slingshot I try to get some mangoes. After half an hour there are no mangoes on trees and no mangoes with me.

How come ?

There are two mangoes on the tree. Using Slingshot I got one mango.
Therefore now one mango is with me and one mango is in the tree (note: we do not have mangoes (plural of mango).

#8 - Smart Equation Problem

1 + 9 + 8 = ?
considering, 28 + 8 + 92 = 10

br>Equation 28 + 8 + 92 = 10 can be derived from
twenty eight(t) + eight(e) + ninetytwo (n) = ten => 10

Similarly for equation,
1 + 9 + 8
One (o) + nine (n) + eight (e) => one (1)

#9 - Good Missing Number Series

Can you find the missing number in the series below

1 5 9 2 6 10 3 ? 11 4 8 12


Series given in the problem :
1 5 9 2 6 10 3 ? 11 4 8 12
Let us break the series as :
1 5 9
2 6 10
3 ? 11
4 8 12

Now, read the numbers from left, top to bottom. The missing number is obviously 7.

#10 - Hidden Mobile Rug Vision Riddle

Can you find the hidden mobile that is lost in the rug?

Hidden Mobile Rug Vision Riddle

check circle in the solution provided.