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Secret Code Riddle

Secret Code Riddle - 30 September

You need to unlock a secret code using following clues

Clue-1 : 0 7 9 (One of the numbers is correct and is placed in its correct position)
Clue-2 : 0 3 2 (Nothing is correct)
Clue-3 : 1 0 8 (Two numbers are correct but not placed at its correct position.)
Clue-4 : 9 2 6 (One number is correct but not placed at its correct position.)
Clue-5 : 6 7 8 (One number is correct but not placed at its correct position.)

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Easy Matchsticks Equation Riddle

Easy Matchsticks Equation Riddle - 29 September

You need to move one matchstick to make below equation correct.

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Hatty Potter Puzzle

Hatty Potter Puzzle - 28 September

Ponder upon a creature who exists in disguise
Who deals in mysteries and has nothing to tell you except lies
Now think about what is constantly the final thing to mend
What is the middle of the middle and the end of the end?
Now ponder upon the sound you must have often heard
When you were looking for the hard-to-find word
If you can tie them all together and answer this
Tell me what living creature you will always loath to kiss?

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Fill In The Blanks Riddle

Fill In The Blanks Riddle - 27 September

A _____ restaurant chef was _____ to made food as there was _____.

Can you solve the riddle by replacing blanks by a word (in three different ways) ?

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Stupid Funny Riddle

Stupid Funny Riddle - 26 September

One Night, a Cook, a Cobbler and a Fisherman went to a dinner together and asked the manager to split the bill equally among them. When the bill arrived, it was for four people.

How can this be possible?

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Quick Riddle To Ask

Quick Riddle To Ask - 25 September

At his own home, a man watches a beautiful lady killed. He cried but does not do anything about it. Why?

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Popular Horse Algebric Equation Problem

Popular Horse Algebric Equation Problem - 22 September

Can you solve the equation by finding the value of
A) Horse
B) Cowboy boot
C) Horseshoe

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The Lottery Riddle

The Lottery Riddle - 21 September

Chances of Mr. Button winning the local lottery in 8%. All participants lined up and Mr. Button is 3rd in the row. The first two participants lose the lottery.

What is the chance of Samuel Mr. Button now?

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The Disappearing Mango Tree Riddle

The Disappearing Mango Tree Riddle - 20 September

There are many trees in my garden. One such tree is a mango tree and obviously, there are some mangoes on it. Using the Slingshot I try to get some mangoes. After half an hour there are no mangoes on trees and no mangoes with me.

How come ?

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Smart Equation Problem

Smart Equation Problem - 19 September

1 + 9 + 8 = ? considering, 28 + 8 + 92 = 10

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Good Missing Number Series

Good Missing Number Series - 18 September

Can you find the missing number in the series below

1 5 9 2 6 10 3 ? 11 4 8 12

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Short Who Am I

Short Who Am I - 17 September

When you say goodbye, I am what you need to tie.
I come as a couple and go wherever you run.
Who am I?

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Hidden Mobile Rug Vision Riddle

Hidden Mobile Rug Vision Riddle - 16 September

Can you find the hidden mobile that is lost in the rug?

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Maths Picture Pyramid Problem

Maths Picture Pyramid Problem - 15 September

You need to fill number in the bricks in the image below such that the top brick is sum of two brick below it.

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Famous 10 Castles Puzzle

Famous 10 Castles Puzzle - 14 September

In a time long back, there lived a king who ruled the great kingdom of Trojan House. As a part of the renovation of the kingdom to meet future security needs, he asked his chief architect to lay down a new play in a manner that all of his 10 castles are connected through five straight walls and each wall must connect four castles together.

He also asked the architect that at least one of his castle should be protected with walls.

The architect could not come up with any solution that served all of King’s choice, but he suggested the best plan that you can see in the picture.

Can you find a better solution to serve the king's demand?

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Never Stop Running Riddle

Never Stop Running Riddle - 13 September

I never stop running even when I stand still. If I am formed by joining two identical bodies together, can you guess who I am?

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Trivia Murder Mystery Riddle

Trivia Murder Mystery Riddle - 12 September

A person was found dead on a big green land with no trees or building around. When the police arrived, they found a piece of rock lying next to him and the man was wearing clothes comprising of red, blue and yellow colors.

Can you tell who the person is and what was the cause of death?

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Missing Key Picture Riddle

Missing Key Picture Riddle - 11 September

Can you find the key in the picture below?

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Hard Number 100 Riddle

Hard Number 100 Riddle - 10 September

By using all numbers, i.e. 123456789 and subtraction/addition, operators number 100 can be formed in many ways.
Example 98 + 7 + 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 + 2 - 1 = 100

But if we add a condition that use of the number 32 is the must. Then there are limited solutions.
One of such solution is: 9 - 8 + 76 + 54 - 32 + 1 = 100

Can you tell any other solution?

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Popular Logical Barrel Puzzle

Popular Logical Barrel Puzzle - 9 September

We have shown you a regular water barrel. Without using any measuring device can you check if barrels is more than half filled or less than half filled ?

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Funniest Blonde Riddle

Funniest Blonde Riddle - 8 September

A blonde put eye liner on her head. Why?

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Who Is The Spy Puzzle

Who Is The Spy Puzzle - 7 September

Jane Doe, a top MI6 Cop is found in Times Square with almost no memory and mysterious tattoos on her body. She just remembers that she had embraced this tattoo so that she can remember who is the spy that was responsible for the blast in London.
MI6 had shortlisted 6 suspects and ask jane if she can identify with them who is responsible for the blast. She doest not remember anything but when she look into her tattoo she was able to identify the spy.

Following are the suspects name
1. Kurt
2. Edgar
3. Tasha
4. Oscar
5. Bethany

Tattoo found on her body was "ymarspseneptunehtssaturniravenuscso"

Who is the spy ?

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Find Panda Pills Riddle

Find Panda Pills Riddle - 6 September

Find the hidden panda in the image below?

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Byomkesh Bakshi Mystery Puzzle

Byomkesh Bakshi Mystery Puzzle - 5 September

Byomkesh Bakshi was visiting his friend Ganpat Negi. He found out that his friend wife had just killed a burglar in self defence. Bakshi asks Ganpat about what happened and he told that "His wife were watching television when suddenly the bell rang. She thought that it is her husband Ganpat but she found the burglar who attacked her instantly and she got so frightened that she killed the burglar immediately with the knife. Byomkesh Bakshi asked the police to arrest here friend wife. Why ?

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Matchsticks Equation Riddle

Matchsticks Equation Riddle - 4 September

By moving exactly three matchsticks can you make the below equation true.
It can be solved by 3 ways.

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Short Who I Am Riddle

Short Who I Am Riddle - 3 September

I shrink every time I take the bath. Who am I?

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Classy Statement Puzzle

Classy Statement Puzzle - 2 September

Maria and Martina are strange women. One of them always lies on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays and tells the truth on all other days of the week while the other lies on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and tells the truth on other days of the week.

Today, following statements were made.
Maria: I lie on Saturdays.
Martina: I will lie tomorrow.
Maria: I lie on Sundays.

Which day of the week is today?

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Hardest Chess Board Puzzle Ever

Hardest Chess Board Puzzle Ever - 1 September

This is a hardest chess board puzzle that I have been asked.
In the picture below you can see that white army is arranged. You need to add black army on the board such that no piece is under any threat.
Note: Army comprised of
1 king
1 queen
2 rooks
2 bishops
2 knights
8 pawns

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