Jane Doe, a top MI6 Cop is found in Times Square with almost no memory and mysterious tattoos on her body. She just remembers that she had embraced this tattoo so that she can remember who is the spy that was responsible for the blast in London.
MI6 had shortlisted 6 suspects and ask jane if she can identify with them who is responsible for the blast. She doest not remember anything but when she look into her tattoo she was able to identify the spy.

Following are the suspects name
1. Kurt
2. Edgar
3. Tasha
4. Oscar
5. Bethany

Tattoo found on her body was "ymarspseneptunehtssaturniravenuscso"

Who is the spy ?


She deciphers the tattoo in below steps
1. Separate planets name
y mars pse neptune hts saturn ira venus cso

2. Remove planets name and join remaining text

3. Reverse it

4. Add space to make sense
oscar is the spy