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Answer Me Fast Riddle

Answer Me Fast Riddle - 31 October

Before Balboa discovered the Pacific ocean, which was the largest ocean before that ?

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Happy Diwali Maths Riddle

Happy Diwali Maths Riddle - 30 October

Replace the alphabet with the number such that below equation hold true.


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Oneliner Ice Cream Riddle

Oneliner Ice Cream Riddle - 29 October

Where do you go to learn how to make the ice cream ?

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The Number Seven Riddle

The Number Seven Riddle - 28 October

Can you make the number "7" even without the use of mathematical operators like addition, subtraction, multiplication or division ?

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Relationship Numbers Riddle

Relationship Numbers Riddle - 27 October

Can you replace the question mark with the correct number, given the pair of numbers exhibits similar relationship?

? : 3839 :: 11 : 1209

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Monkey Squirrel Eagle Race

Monkey Squirrel Eagle Race - 26 October

A Monkey, a squirrel, and an Eagle are racing to the to the top of the mango tree. Assuming all these animals are in perfect shape, Which animal will reach to Banana first ?

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Which Number Riddle

Which Number Riddle - 25 October

Which number should replace the question mark in the picture below ?

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Football Riddle

Football Riddle - 24 October

In a football game , Chelsea defeated Mani 2 - 0 but no man from either side scored. How can this be possible ?

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Cricket Puzzle Question

Cricket Puzzle Question - 23 October

It is a strange cricket match in which batsman is getting bowled in the very first ball he faced. Assuming no extras in the match, which batsman will be not out at the end of the inning ?

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The Month Rebus

The Month Rebus - 22 October

Can you guess the name of the month by looking the below rebus ?

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Ghost Room Puzzle

Ghost Room Puzzle - 21 October

Which room is the ghost always afraid of ?

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Square Root 12345678987654321 Puzzle

Square Root 12345678987654321 Puzzle - 20 October

The square root of number 121 is "11". What is the square root of the number "12345678987654321." ?

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Easy Picture Rebus Riddle

Easy Picture Rebus Riddle - 19 October

what one word does below rebus identifies ?

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Hard Prison CupCakes Riddle

Hard Prison CupCakes Riddle - 18 October

Bea Smith , Vera Bennett, Franky Doyle and  Doreen Anderson  were in Wentworth Prison for murder. But their behavior on the jails is appreciated by the warden and the warden decided to give all these 4 prisoners 11 cupcakes. They all like cupcakes and they had all cupcakes in no matter of time but they do not know how many cupcake each individual had. 

Therefore Bea started the conversation 
Bea : "Hey T-Vera, did you had more cupcakes than I had ?"
Vera : "I do not know girl, Hey Franky, did you had more cupcakes than I had ?".
Franky: "I do not know"
Doreen replied instantly
Doreen: "I know how exactly how many cupcakes each of you had?"

So can you tell how many cupcakes each of them had ?

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Ice Cream and House Number Riddle

Ice Cream and House Number Riddle - 17 October

A small town is visited by an ice-cream truck every day. On the first day of February, the truck visits as usual and 5 children, one from each of the first 5 houses on the street buys an ice cream that is of the different flavor from each other along with a completely different topping.

Go through the details below and find out which child lives in which house and bought which ice-cream flavor with which topping:

1. Jim lives between the child who bought the Raspberry topping and the child who bought mango ice cream.

2. Joyce, whose house has an even number, bought the cherry topping. Nancy does not live next to Joyce.

3. The blackcurrant ice cream had no topping.

4. The child who lives in house number 2 had the butterscotch ice cream. The child in house number 3 did not have chocolate ice cream.

5. Mike had banana ice cream. He hates banana cherry.

6. The child who had the cashew topping lives in house number 5. Dustin does not live in house number 4.

Please note that the odd numbered houses and the even numbered houses are located on the exactly opposite sides of the street.

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Nice Who Am I Riddle

Nice Who Am I Riddle - 16 October

I am dry when I go inside, but wet when I am pulled outside.
The longer I am inside, the stronger I get
When I am completely out, I am wet and I literally sag
Who am I ?

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Clash Royale Bomber Cost Puzzle

Clash Royale Bomber Cost Puzzle - 15 October

In "Clash Royal" App Game, Warrior "The Bomber" is a very good defensive options. It can be purchased from the card shop.
The cost of the bomber is quite interesting.
The Cost of 1st bomber is: 2
The Cost of 2nd bomber is: 4
The Cost of 3rd bomber is: 6
The Cost of 4th bomber is: 8
The Cost of 5th bomber is: 10

i.e to buy 5 bombers you need 2+4+6+8+10 = 30 coins.

How many bombers can you buy using 1000 coins ?

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Ice Cream Seller Ridde

Ice Cream Seller Riddle - 14 October

On occasion of Diwali (a Hindu festival), the local ice cream seller is selling ice cream at an 80% discount. But, he got just two flavours, vanilla and cocoa-chipped. He is selling vanilla at Rs1 and Choco-chip at Rs2. However, he is giving just one ice cream to each person.
Shruti went to the shop and give the seller Rs.2 and without asking her the seller gives her Choco-chip ice cream. Next, Anmol comes and also gave the seller the same amount i.e. Rs2. Now the seller asks Anmol which ice-cream does he wants.

Why such a different behaviour towards Shruti and Anmol?

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Funny Campfire Riddle

Funny Campfire Riddle - 13 October

Can you start the fire using two pieces of woods ?

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Cyclic Unique Number Puzzle

Cyclic Unique Number Puzzle - 12 October

There is a unique number which when multiplied by any number from 1 to 6, we will get the new number that contains same digits only.

Can you find that number ?

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Current Temperature Rebus

Current Temperature Rebus - 11 October

The current Temperature can be represented by below textual rebus.


Can you tell us the current time?

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Current Temperature Rebus

Current Temperature Rebus - 11 October

The current time can be represented by below textual rebus.


Can you tell us the current time?

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The Physics Tea Riddle

The Physics Tea Riddle - 10 October

On a beautiful Sunday morning, You ordered a hot team to your hotel room and suddenly you remember an important thing that needed to be done right now will take around 3 minutes to complete. Like most people you like your tea to be hot while drinking so, when should you pour cream in the tea ? 1. straight away 2 Just people, you drink the team 3. Its do not matter

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Brick Optical Illusion Puzzle

Brick Optical Illusion Puzzle - 9 October

This is a classy optical illusion puzzle.

What more you can find except bricks in the image below?

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Distance Time Riddle

Distance Time Riddle Solution - 6 October

Before the start of the car race, Tony Stewart and Jamie Mcmurray have the same amount of fuel in the car. With this fuel Tony Stewart can drive for 4 hours while Jamie can drive five hours.
After a time they realize that amount of fuel left in Tony car is 1/4th of the fuel in Jamie car.

For long they are racing ?

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The Prime Number Riddle

The Prime Number Riddle - 5 October

What will be the best approach to finding all the prime numbers less than 75 that leave an odd reminder when we divide them with 5?

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TrickTeaser Trader Riddle

TrickTeaser Trader Riddle - 4 October

A boy collects white sea shells from the sea and brings them home every night. When he has enough of them, he decides to sell them to a trader.

The trader is ready to buy the shells and he asks the boy about the quantity. At this, the boy starts calculating. He has a giant box that contains 3 mini boxes. Two of them have another mini box inside. If the giant box can hold 50 shells, how many brown shells can he sell to the trader?

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Cake cutting Puzzle

Cake cutting Puzzle - 3 October

You need to cut a round cake into eight equal pieces with just 3 cut. Can you do it?

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Simple Popular Rebus

Simple Popular Rebus - 2 October

What does below rebus means ?

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Unique Words Puzzle

Unique Words Puzzle - 1 October

What is the unique property of the following words ?
* Revive
* Banana
* Grammar
* Voodoo
* Assess
* Potato
* Dresser
* Uneven

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