#1 - Simple MatchSticks Equation Riddle

You need to remove two matchsticks to make below equation correct ?

Simple MatchSticks Equation Riddle

It can be done as shown below.

#2 - The United States President Puzzle

The United States 22nd and the 24th president got the same father.
Their mother is also the same.
Both are not twins but born at the same time.
None of them are adopted.
Both are male.

Who are they ?

They were the same person "Grover Cleveland".

#3 - New Answer Every Time Riddle

There is a riddle which can be asked all day with a different correct answer each time. What is the riddle ?

Riddle is "What is the correct time ?".

#4 - Spot Man In Coffee Bean Riddle

Can you spot the man between the coffee bean in the picture below ?

Spot Man In Coffee Bean Riddle

Shown in the picture below

#5 - Festive Offer Discount Puzzle

On the occasion of Christmas, Major online seller companies in India is offering big discount on Iphone7 as below.

: Flipkart offers Flat 65% discount
: Amazon offers 10% discount over and over again.
: eBay offers RS 45,000 off.

If the original cost of iPhone is Rs. 70,000 Which is the best offer for you ?


Amazon : 24407.490807, Flipkart: 24500 and EBay: 25000

EBay discount :
70000 - 45000 = 25000

Flipkart 65% discount :
35/100 * 70000 = 24500

Amazon 10% recursive discount:
After 1st 10% discount, Amount is 63000
After 2nd 10% discount, Amount is 56700
After 3rd 10% discount, Amount is 51030
After 4th 10% discount, Amount is 45927
After 5th 10% discount, Amount is 41334.3
After 6th 10% discount, Amount is 37200.87
After 7th 10% discount, Amount is 33480.783
After 8th 10% discount, Amount is 30132.7047
After 9th 10% discount, Amount is 27119.43423
After 10th 10% discount, Amount is 24407.490807

#6 - Hot Cold What Am I

I am quite hot but become too cold if you remove first two letter. What am I ?

I am Spice (spice - first two letters => "Ice")

#7 - Playing Cards Logical Riddle

Let us do a fun activity. Take three piles of cards - one with 11 cards, second with 7 cards and the third with 6 cards and place them on a table.

The challenge is to move cards in a manner that each pile has 8 cards by the time you are done.

The rules are:

1) You can add to any pile but you must add exactly the amount of cards the pile already has. Suppose that a pile has 7 cards, then you will have to move exactly 7 cards from another pile to keep above it.

2) All cards should be taken from the same pile at one time.

3) You have only 3 moves.

First pile = 11
Second pile = 7
Third pile = 6

First move:
First pile = 11 - 7 = 4
Second pile = 7 + 7 = 14
Third pile = 6
Second move:
First pile = 4
Second pile = 14 - 6 = 8
Third pile = 6 + 6 = 12

Third Move:
First pile = 4 + 4 = 8
Second pile = 8
Third pile = 12 - 4 = 8

#8 - Geography Rebus Riddle

Can you solve the below geography rebus by decoding the below rebus ?

Geography Rebus Riddle

Unites States.

#9 - Missing Letter In Circle Riddle

Can you crack the logic with which the letters in the attached figure are connected and find the missing letter in the last circle?

Missing Letter In Circle Riddle


If you notice closely, the letters around the center are advancing in accordance with the numerical value of the letter in the center.

In the first picture, the numerical value of A is 1 - F, G, H and I are advancing once.

In the second, numerical value of D is 4 - G, K, O and S are advancing by 4.

Now, F numerical value is 6 and so the letters should advance by 6, which means that the missing alphabet is T.

#10 - Number Pyramid Puzzle

In the attached picture, you will find a pyramid formation, that is made up of ten circles. If you can move only 3 circles, can you turn it upside down?We have numbered the coins so that you can comment the numbers as answers.

Number Pyramid Puzzle

If you move the circles 1, 7 and 10 as shown in the image, you can turn it upside down.