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Cipher Riddle

Cipher Riddle - 31 December

Can you decode the below cipher?


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Answer Fast Matchstick Puzzle

Answer Fast Matchstick Puzzle - 30 December

Can you quickly find which two matchstick figures is identical?

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Hardest Maths Equation Puzzle

Hardest Maths Equation Puzzle - 29 December

Can you replace alphabets by the numbers to make all the below equations true?

ZY = XZ - WV
UT = YV - ST
WY = ZU - RZ
QX = PX - QV
QL = LQ - WP
SV = XT - YR

Note: You can using only 8 digits. (i.e. more than one alphabets will be mapped to same numerical value)

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Incorrect Boxes Label Puzzle

Incorrect Boxes Label Puzzle - 28 December

There are three boxes which are labeled as Rs100, Rs150, and Rs200. One box contains two notes of Rs. 50. The second box contains one note of Rs50 and one note of Rs100 The third box contains two Rs. 100 notesAll boxes are labeled incorrectly.

What is the minimum number of boxes you must check in order to label all boxes correctly?

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Cycle Puncture Maths Puzzle

Cycle Puncture Maths Puzzle - 27 December

Mr. Rooney, who lives in a village was a cycling enthusiast, so he decided to go to town to watch a movie. He travels by his cycle at a constant speed for 2hours, but suddenly his cycle got the puncture. It took Rooney 10 minutes to change the tire. Now Rooney travels at 30km/her for the rest of his journey. Mr. Rooney reaches for the movie 30 minutes late. He thought if he does not get the puncher than he will be late by just 15 minutes.

How much distance Mr. Rooney traveled?

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Car Maze Riddle

Car Maze Riddle - 26 December

Which point will car reach?

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Day Who Am I

Day Who Am I - 25 December

I am Huge on Sunday and Saturday.
I am small from Tuesday to Thursday.
I do not exist on Monday and Friday.
Who am I?

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TV character Rebus Puzzle

TV character Rebus Puzzle - 24 December

Can you identify the famous TV character from the rebus below?

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Bird Riddle For Summer Camp

Bird Riddle For Summer Camp - 23 December

Mrs. Butch was watching a very rare bird "Whooper swan". Soon she was dead.

Explain ?

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Quick Riddle For Camper

Quick Riddle For Camper - 22 December

I am the first thing you need while camping.
I am always with the person named Marcos Valencia and Carrick.
But Pogba Zlatan and Rooney thinks I am wasteful and do not need me.
I am the second to the last thing to add when you are making a patch.

What am I?

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Alphametic Riddle

Alphametic Riddle - 21 December

Can you solve below alphametic riddle by replacing letters by number to make below equation true?


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Name Vegetable Riddle

Name Vegetable Riddle - 20 December

Can you name the vegetable which is most avoided in the ships?

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Teacher Student Puzzle

Teacher Student Puzzle - 19 December

The teacher told the student that if he told a lie then he will be expelled from school and if he told the truth than he still is expelled from school.

What can student say to prevent his expelled from school?

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Rock Group Dont Sing Riddle

Rock Group Don't Sing Riddle - 17 December

There is a rock group of four men that do not sing. Name It?

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Office Christmas Party Riddle

Office Christmas Party Riddle - 16 December

Josh Parker organizes an exotic office Christmas party at the beach to his important fellow employees.
Following are the important people that will come to the party
1. Josh Parker
2. Josh Parker 2 girlfriends- Carol Vanstone and Tracey Hughes
3. The sales head Clay Vanstone.
4. Clay Vanstone 2 associates.
5. Mr. Jeremy and his Secret Tab.

They all need to cross a small river to reach the beach, however, Josh Parker has got just one boat.
There are few rules for crossing the river.
1. The capacity of the boat is limited to just two people.
2. Clay Vanstone associates will not stay with Josh Parker without Clay Vanstone.
3. Carol Vanstone and Tracey Hughes will not stay with the Clay Vanstone without Josh Parker.
4. Mr. Jeremy would never leave the Secret Tab alone.
5. Secret Tab counts as a person.
6. Only Josh Parker, Clay Vanstone or Mr. Jeremy can drive the boat.
7. The two girlfriends Carol Vanstone and Tracey Hughes will not stay with the Clay Vanstone without Josh Parker.
8. No Associates would stay with Josh Parker without their Clay Vanstone.
9. Mr.Jeremy will not leave the Secret Tab alone.

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Hidden Animal In Picture Riddle

Hidden Animal In Picture Riddle - 15 December

Can you find the hidden animal in the picture below ?

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Make Equation Correct Riddle

Make Equation Correct Riddle - 14 December

Can you replace each alphabet with the number (1 - 9) to make below equation correct ?

AB * C = DE - F = GH / I

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Decipher Teacher Favorite Movie

Decipher Teacher Favorite Movie - 13 December

Chemistry Teacher : "Hi Johny".
Johny : "Hi Teacher, What is your favorite movie ?".
Chemistry Teacher : "Indium Cerium Platinum Iodine Oxygen Nitrogen" .
Ten seconds later.... Johny replied I got it.

Do you ?

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Replace Shape Puzzle

Replace Shape Puzzle - 12 December

Can you replace the X (both small and big x) with the numbers between 1 to 19 such that all the rows of 3 numbers between X (big x) sum to 23 ?

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The Winchester Family Riddle

The Winchester Family Riddle - 11 December

Mr. and Mrs. Winchester have six sons and each son has one sister. 
How many members are in Winchester family ?

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Direction Picture Riddle

Direction Picture Riddle - 10 December

Which direction does the below image pointing to ?

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Roman Number Equation Problem

Roman Number Equation Problem - 9 December

Considering below equation holds

V + II - VI = 10
IV - X + VIII = 20
IV - VII + VI = 30

Then, I + II + III = ?

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Stupid Peepal Tree Riddle

Stupid Peepal Tree Riddle - 8 December

In a pool party, can you guess what does the Peepal tree wear?

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Family Relationship Puzzle

Family Relationship Puzzle - 7 December

There are six people in a family namely M, N, O, P, Q and R.

R and O are brother and sister.

N is the brother of Q husband.
P is the father of M and grandfather of R.

Can you calculate the number of male members in the family?

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Name The Hidden Bird Riddle

Name The Hidden Bird Riddle - 6 December

Can you Find and name the hidden bird in the picture below ?

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Football Sports Riddle

Football Sports Riddle - 5 December

In a picnic session, a footballer was practicing. During his play, he busted lips and ears and broke ribs and thighs. However, he was still able to play a professional match on the very next day.

How can this be possible?

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The Logical Apples Puzzle

The Logical Apples Puzzle - 4 December

An apple seller is hosting a competition. He offers 1000 apples and 10 boxes to the people who pass by. The challenge is to put those 1000 apples in the 10 boxes in such a manner that if he asks for any amount of apples, the person is able to directly give him the boxes or a combination of boxes. If the person can do it, he promises to give a thousand apples for free.

If you happen to pass by the apple seller, will you be able to win a thousand apples?

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McDonald's Halloween Riddle

McDonald's Halloween Riddle - 2 December

McDonald announces special prize in the USA on the occasion of Halloween for kids.

Vanilla Cone costs 60 cents
Cheeseburger costs 65 cents
Filet-O-Fish costs 54 cents

How much does Happy Meal Cost ?

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Replace Question Mark Equation

Replace Question Mark Equation - 1 December

Can you replace question mark to make the below equation true ?

16 ? 14 ? 4 ? 6 = 62

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