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The Logical Apples Puzzle

The Logical Apples Puzzle - 4 December

An apple seller is hosting a competition. He offers 1000 apples and 10 boxes to the people who pass by. The challenge is to put those 1000 apples in the 10 boxes in such a manner that if he asks for any amount of apples, the person is able to directly give him the boxes or a combination of boxes. If the person can do it, he promises to give a thousand apples for free.

If you happen to pass by the apple seller, will you be able to win a thousand apples?

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  1. 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,489 apples in ten boxex.

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  3. The apples in the boxes will be as follows:
    Box 1 = 1
    Box 2 = 2
    Box 3 = 4
    Box 4 = 8
    Box 5 = 16
    Box 6 = 32
    Box 7 = 64
    Box 8 = 128
    Box 9 = 256

    Here we have taken a geometric progression to facilitate any number of apples demanded. In the last box, we will place the number of apples left:

    Box 10 = 489

    If you try now, you will be able to do what is asked.