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Trick Maths Equation Problem

Trick Maths Equation Problem - 28 January

The following question it puts forth you:

25 - 55 + (85 + 65) = ?

Then, you are told that even though you might think its wrong, the correct answer is actually 5!

Whats your reaction to it? How can this be true?

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Next Number Series Riddle

Next Number Series Riddle - 15 January

Which number comes next in the number series?

2, 9, 30, 93, ?

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QuickFire Trick Riddle

QuickFire Trick Riddle - 13 January

This is Quick Riddle, So please reply quickly

In a concert, Janet Jackson is performing a dance show with her group. At 11:00, she and her crew were dancing in absolute straight line. At that time, Janet was standing in 4th position from both front and back end of the row.

What was the size of her crew?

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Maths Exam Puzzle

Maths Exam Puzzle - 12 January

Aaron is giving his exam and after spending a lot of time answering the questions, he asks the examiner about the time that is left for the exam.

The examiner is quite obtuse with her answer and says that the amount of time left is 1/5th of the time that has already passed.

Can you find out the amount of time left if the total time was 90 minutes?

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White Of An Egg Riddle

White Of An Egg Riddle - 11 January

How can you spell "White of an egg" in one word?
Hint: I know you can spell coke, poke, joke.

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Last Number Series Puzzle

Last Number Series Puzzle - 10 January

Can you find the last number in series?

5 8 17 47 242 ?

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Guess Who Am I Riddle

Guess Who Am I Riddle - 9 January

I move to and fro.
People make me dance all the time only to allow them to pass by.
Like all, I mostly sleep at night.

Who am I?

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Easy Matchsticks Puzzle

Easy Matchsticks Puzzle - 8 January

Can you move three matchsticks to form three triangles? 

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Classy Old Riddle

Classy Old Riddle - 7 January

Master Red Lives in the red house.
Master Green Lives in the green house.
Master Yellow Lives in the yellow house.

But Master white does not live in Whitehouse. Why?

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Wooden Log Weigh Puzzle

Wooden Log Weigh Puzzle - 5 January

A wooden log balances equally on the scales when weighed with three-quarters of a pound and three-quarters of a wooden log.

Can you calculate the weight of the entire wooden log?

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Calendar Murder Mystery Riddle

Calendar Murder Mystery Riddle - 4 January

A few friends meet at a guesthouse. In the wake of the night, Aleph is killed by someone among them. Before Aleph breathes for the last time, he cleverly writes and mark something on his pocket calendar, careful not to write the name of the killer because he knows the killer is smart enough to get rid of any evidence.

The police arrive at the crime scene and searches for the evidence; not able to find any. Then they find a pocket calendar inside the inner pocket of the vic jacket.

Attached is the image of the pocket calendar. Can you guess the name of the killer even though you dont know the name of the friends?

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Winter Hidden Bird Pic Puzzle

Winter Hidden Bird Pic Puzzle - 3 January

In the pic below, it is winter and everything is frozen. Can you find the bird in the pic below?

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Trick Sports Riddle

Trick Sports Riddle - 2 January

Joseph leaves home and then he takes three right turns. Joseph wants to return to home buy he was scared ofJohn, who is wearing a mask.
What is Joseph Situation?

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Christmas New Year Puzzle

Christmas New Year Puzzle - 1 January

There is exact one week gap between Christmas and New Year. Hence, It is obvious that new year that comes right after Christmas comes on the same day of the week.

A Strange thing happened in Year 2024. Christmas occurs on Wednesday and New Year on Monday. Hows that possible?

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