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Awesome Next Series Puzzle

Awesome Next Series Puzzle - 14 July

Can you find the last number in the series below?

voN luJ yaM raM ?

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IPL Charity Cricket Riddle

IPL Charity Cricket Riddle - 13 July

For Charity, five IPL teams were competing in cricket where they face each other exactly once. After the tournament, the following is the point table.

DareDevils 6
SuperKings 5
Royals 4
Sunrisers 2
Riders ?

How many points did Riders end up with?

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Smart Maths Equation Puzzle

Smart Maths Equation Puzzle - 12 July

Can you prove that the below maths equation is true?

8 + 8 = 91

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Football 2014 World Cup Puzzle

Football 2014 World Cup Puzzle - 11 July

You need to pick one entry from potA and one from potB to have a perfect match. Can you do it?

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Cricket Balls Age Riddle

Cricket Balls Age Riddle - 10 July

At Delhi cricket clubhouse, there were four kids(Kohli, Yuvraj, Pant, and Dhoni) with age 1,2,3 and 4 and have 1,2,3 and 4 cricket balls in different order.

We know the following facts:
Kohli has more cricket-balls that his age.
Dhoni is older than Yuvraj.
One child has the same number of cricket-balls as his age.
Pant has fewer cricket-balls than Dhoni.
Child aged 3 has two cricket-balls.

Pant is the youngest.

Can you determine the age of the children and the number of football they have?

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16 Nodes Connectivity Riddle

16 Nodes Connectivity Riddle - 9 July

Sixteen nodes are shown below and you need to connect them based on the following rule:
Every node can be connected to the number of nodes inside them, i.e. the first node there is a value of 1 which indicates that the first node can connect to exactly one node only.

Can you do it?

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Which Animal Am I Riddle

Which Animal Am I Riddle - 8 July

What jumps when it walks and sits when it stands?

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Mosquito Fly Riddle

Mosquito Fly Riddle - 7 July

How a fly different from a mosquito?

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Maths Expression Riddle

Maths Expression Riddle - 6 July

By using the numbers 8,5 1 and 1 exactly once and with the help of basic operation (+, -, /, *), Can you form an expression with a value of 10?

Note: Parentheses are allowed

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Complex Cryptic Triangle Puzzle

Complex Cryptic Triangle Puzzle - 5 July

Can you solve the below complex cryptic triangle and deduce the value of xxx=?

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Stallone Jungle BackPack Riddle

Stallone Jungle BackPack Riddle - 4 July

Stallone was going for a day for a jungle trip. He asked his wife to pack something to eat, something to drink and something to burn if he feels cold in the jungle. When Stallone opens the backpack he found just one thing.

What was it?

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James Bond Decipher Code Riddle

James Bond Decipher Code Riddle - 3 July

James Bond needs to access a secret file locked in a locker that can be accessed only by a code. The code is about 7 characters and consists of numbers and letters.
There was a label on the locker as "You force heaven to be empty".

What was the code?

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Next Shape Puzzle

Next Shape Puzzle - 2 July

Which is the next shape?

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Hidden Girl Riddle

Hidden Girl Riddle - 1 July

Can you spot the hidden girl in the picture below?

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Deduce Direction Puzzle

Deduce Direction Puzzle - 30 June

Today is very icy and cold morning in the Newcastle.

Mr. Shearer, an office bus driver arrived to pick the employees from the last stop. Shearer suddenly remembers that he needs to pick a newly joined 4miles to the north. Mr. Shearer lost his direction compass, a few minutes later Shearer is able to figure that he is moving in the correct direction i.e. north.

How did Shearer know that he is moving in the correct direction?

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Logical Bet Riddle

Logical Bet Riddle - 29 June

Snow and Tyrion are two mad logicians and loves betting.
They placed 11 Candies at the table and designed a small betting game, in which both of them need to eat Candies turn by turn with the following rules:
Rule1: One need to eat at least one candy.
Rule2: One cannot eat more than 5 candies.

The one that eats last candy will loose.

Snow won the toss and need to start.

How many candies must Snow ear in order to make sure that he won the bet?

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Tricky Algebraic Equation

Tricky Algebraic Equation - 28 June

29 - 1 = 30
9 - 1 = 10
14 - 1 = 15

Based on similar logic, Can you prove that the below algebraic equation is true?
11 - 1 = 10 ?

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Prisoners Byomkesh Bakshi Riddle

Prisoners Byomkesh Bakshi Riddle - 27 June

On a special event at the prison, 5 prisoners Lincon T-Bag Michael Paul and Sucre gave a chance to go for a sauna and can bring one thing with them.
Following are the things that the prisoners bring with them.
Lincon: A soda.
T-Bag: Thermos
Michael: Book named "How to kill".
Paul: A Walkman.
Sucre: Harmonica.

Since it is a Sauna, no one can see each other. After a while When steam is switched, Paul was found dead and there was blood all around.
Byomkesh Bakshi was called and he instantly knows who can be the murderer.

Do you?

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Cannot See Riddle

Cannot See Riddle - 26 June

I am constantly in front of you however you cannot see me. Who am I?

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Picture Cut Riddle

Picture Cut Riddle - 25 June

How can you cut the below shape into exact two parts by adding a single(not necessarily a straight) line?

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Maria Room Riddle

Maria Room Riddle - 24 June

Maria enters a small room.
The Door Closes.
When the door open, Maria is in a larger room.


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Guards Camp Riddle

Guards Camp Riddle - 23 June

Two guards were guarding the camp.
Guard-1 was looking towards the south to make sure no threat is coming from the road.
Guard-2 was looking at the north to make sure no threat is coming from the top.
Suddenly Guard-1 ask the Guard-2 why he is smiling?

How Guard-1 knows that Guard-2 is smiling?

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One Eye Riddle

One Eye Riddle - 22 June

What have one eye but sill cannot see?

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11 Letter Word Puzzle

11 Letter Word Puzzle - 21 June

A = 1
B = 2
C = 3
Z = 26.

Based on above rule, you need to find an eleven letter word whose letter sum is equal to 52.

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Similar Sound Words Riddle

Similar Sound Words Riddle - 20 June

There are two words one resembles the "state of rest" and other words is related to "writing/reading material".

Can you name these two words which also sound similar?

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Maths Sets Riddle

Maths Sets Riddle - 19 June

According to the image below, which number represents the strong disciplined boys?

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Oscar Winning Movie Rebus

Oscar Winning Movie Rebus - 18 June

Can you identify the Oscar-winning movie from the rebus below?

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Fun With Equation Puzzle

Fun With Equation Puzzle - 17 June

Let us say there are two natural numbers "L" and "R".
We performed eight operations on these two numbers as

Step-1: L = R
Step-2: L x L = R x L
Step-3: L^2 - R^2 = LR - R^2
Step-4: (L + R)( L - R) = R(L - R)
Step-5: L + R = R
Step-6: R + R = R
Step-7: 2R = R
Step- 8: 2 = 1

What is wrong here?

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3 Letter Word Riddle

3 Letter Word Riddle - 16 June

Can you name the three letter word that can complete the below words ?

A) L O _ _ _ E
B) E D U _ _ _ E
C) _ _ _ E R
D) _ _ _ T L E

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Stupid Soccer Riddle

Stupid Soccer Riddle - 15 June

Why did Buffon take the goal with him after every Juventus match?

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Bejan Daruwalla QuickFire Riddle

Bejan Daruwalla QuickFire Riddle - 14 June

Bejan Daruwalla always sneezes before the rain. Daruwalla sneezes, Will it rain?

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Chemistry Weighing Riddle

Chemistry Weighing Riddle - 13 June

Dmitri was working on a mixture whose weight comprise of 90% liquid and 10% solid. The total weight of the mixture is 20 pound. After a while, Dmitri noticed that some of the liquid evaporated and now the liquid comprise just 50% of the weight.

What is the weight of the mixture now?

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Six Digit Number Riddle

Six Digit Number Riddle - 12 June

Can you find the largest six digit number whose sum is 43 and whose square is less than 5,00,000?

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Next Number Series Puzzle

Next Number Series Puzzle - 11 June

Find the next number in the series below?

6 18 270 72090 ?

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Hidden Animals Picture Puzzle

Hidden Animals Picture Puzzle - 10 June

Can you find the six hidden animals in the picture below?

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Same Time Trivia Riddle

Same Time Trivia Riddle - 9 June

Client Dempsey living in one of an East Coast state of the U.S was taking to Landon Donovan, who was living in the West Coast state of the U.S.

Dempsey: What time is it?
Donovan: Wow, It is the same time here.

How is this possible?

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Oscar Hollywood Movie Rebus

Oscar Hollywood Movie Rebus - 3 June

Can you identify the Oscar-winning movie from the rebus below?

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Disgusting Riddle

Disgusting Riddle - 2 June

Why is the longest human nose just 11 inches?

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Name The Country Puzzle

Name The Country Puzzle - 1 June

It begins where the time ends.
Its second is an expression of surprise.
Its third is a question.
Its fourth is urinate.
It ends with a drink.

Which country it is?

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Easy Who Are They Riddle

Easy Who Are They Riddle - 31 May

They are eight look-alikes brothers.
They considered to be weak, yet they protect the king in every battle.
If they move ahead, they never turn back.

Who are they?

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Billiards Maths Fun

Billiards Maths Fun Riddle - 30 May

Can you place three balls such that equation shown in the picture holds true?

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Porsche Missing Piece Riddle

Porsche Missing Piece Riddle - 29 May

Can you find the missing piece of the Porsche?

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Find The Dog Riddle

Find The Dog Riddle - 28 May

Can you find the dog hidden in a group of panda?

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Girl Sitting Riddle

Girl Sitting Riddle - 27 May

You see a lovely girl sitting but you cannot sit on her place even if she standup and the leave the place.

Where is she sitting?

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Rain Or Sunny Riddle

Rain Or Sunny Riddle - 26 May

It raining today at 11:59 am. What is the probability of sunny weather after 72 hours?

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Playing Card Sequence Puzzle

Playing Card Sequence Puzzle - 25 May

Can you complete the card sequence puzzle by replacing "?" with the correct playing card?

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Letter Sequence Riddle

Letter Sequence Riddle - 24 May

Find the missing value of "?" in the letter sequence below?


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Byomkesh Bakshi Cipher Puzzle

Byomkesh Bakshi Cipher Puzzle - 23 May

Byomkesh Bakshi was working on a murder case when he received a message about the location of the murder weapon.
The message was encrypted as below.

"deb mitciv eht edisni neddih si nopaew redrum ehT"

What is the location of the murder weapon?

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Hollywood Movie Rebus Puzzle

Hollywood Movie Rebus Puzzle - 22 May

Which Hollywood name does below rebus represents?

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Zoo Matchsticks Riddle

Zoo Matchsticks Riddle - 21 May

By removing one matchstick and adding one matchstick, can you convert word "ZOO" to an animal name?

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Passcode Riddle

Passcode Riddle - 20 May

Steffi daughter JazElle need to be picked from the school every day.
Steffi the owner of a renowed company asks one of her colleagues to pick JazElle from the school. Steffi devised a password system to confirm that JazElle goes with the correct colleague only.

The password on Monday was SJM16.
The password on Wednesday was TAW39.

What will the password for Friday?

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Decode Movie Rebus

Decode Movie Rebus - 19 May

Decode the hidden movie name hidden in the picture rebus below?

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Logic Series Puzzle

Logic Series Puzzle - 18 May

Complete the series by replacing "?" with the correct number.


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Bird Shadow Riddle

Bird Shadow Riddle - 17 May

Which is the correct shadow of the bird?

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Sisters Age Riddle

Sisters Age Riddle - 16 May

Three sisters Pinki Yelli and Purpi lives in riddleLand.
The current product of their ages of these sisters is 175.
Purpi and Yelli are twins.

How old is Pinki?

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Short What Is It

Short What Is It - 15 May

It is always ahead of me yet I can never see it. What is it?

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Spot Airplane Riddle

Spot Airplane Riddle - 14 May

Can you spot the airplane in the picture below?

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Adam Eve Puzzle

Adam Eve Puzzle - 13 May

What Adam and Eve do not have but the rest of the people have?

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Science 2 Balls Riddle

Science 2 Balls Riddle - 12 May

We have two identical balls in terms of diameter and weight. However, one of them is solid and the other is hollow.

Without knocking the ball, can you find the solid ball?

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Funny Luis Suarez Tea

Funny Luis Suarez Tea - 11 May

What is Luis Suarez(Soccer Player) favorite tea?

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Beer Cap Rebus Riddle

Beer Cap Rebus Riddle - 10 May

what does the below beer cap say?

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Short Story Mario Riddle

Short Story Mario Riddle - 9 May

Mario was relaxing in his hotel room in La Galaxy. He heard a knock at the door when he saw a man in the suit whom he never met in his life. The man said "I am very sorry, I thought this was my room" and he left the room. Mario instantly called the hotel manager and ask him to arrest the person.

What made Mario suspicious of the man?

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Clever Equation Riddle

Clever Equation Riddle - 8 May

1/2 (5) = 4.

Can you prove that above equation is true?

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MatchSticks Squares Riddle

MatchSticks Squares Riddle - 7 May

You need to move three matchsticks to form three squares. Can you do it?

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Can Eat Who Am I

Can Eat Who Am I - 6 May

You buy me to eat but you never eat me. Who am I?

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Algebraic Equation Riddle

Algebraic Equation Riddle - 5 May

Can you solve the below algebraic equation?

( Q + U + I + C + K)^3 = QUICK

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Number Rebus

Number Rebus - 4 May

what does below number rebus represents?

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MANILA To UGANDA Riddle - 3 May

By following below three rules can you move from word MANILA to UGANDA in the shortest time?

1: You can change up to 3 alphabets at a time.
2: New word must be of 6 alphabets.
3: New word formed must be a country or capital.

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Calculate Owner Loss Riddle

Calculate Owner Loss Riddle - 2 May

Razzak walks in the daily grocery shop and steals a $100 bill from the shop. An hour later Razzak returns to the shop and buys some daily products for $40. Razzak pays the owner the $100 bill and therefore owner returns him $60.

How much money did the owner lose?

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Picture Table Sequence Riddle

Picture Table Sequence Riddle - 1 May

Complete the table series riddle by finding the number that can replace "?".

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2 Matchsticks Equation Puzzle

2 Matchsticks Equation Puzzle - 30 April

Add two matchsticks equations to make below equation true.

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Pj Puzzle

Pj Puzzle - 29 April

Which building got the most stories?

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Logician Bar Puzzle

Logician Bar Puzzle - 28 April

Three logicians went to bar for having a drink.
The bar person asks the logicians "Do they all want to have scotch?".
The first logician replied, " I dont know".
The second logician replied, " I dont know".

What is the reply of the last logician?

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Missing Image Riddle

Missing Image Riddle - 27 April

Which of the eight images will fill the missing image in the puzzle below?

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Science ology Teaser

Science ology Teaser - 26 April

Astrology starts with the alphabet A, Biology starts with B and Limnology with L.

Can you find an "ology" that begins with a P?

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Who Am I Rebus

Who Am I Rebus - 25 April

Can you identify the famous lady(American politician) ciphered in the rebus below?

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The PaintBall Match Puzzle

The PaintBall Match Puzzle - 24 April

Kohli and Dhoni decided to have a paintball match.
Kohli told Dhoni, "Sir it is not right as you got thrice the paintballs I have".

Dhoni instantly gives Kohli 10 of hit paintballs.
Kohli replied, "Sir, I believe you still have twice the paintballs than I have".

Dhoni gives "?" more paintballs to Kohli.
Kohli replied, "Sir Its even now, Let us have a match".

What is "?".

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Divide Matchsticks Riddle

Divide Matchsticks Riddle - 23 April

You have to divide the given square into 4 equal parts by adding nine matchsticks.
Note: squares can be of different dimensions.

Can you do it?

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Grandma What is It Riddle

Grandma What is It Riddle - 22 April

There was a green house.
Inside the green house, there is a white house.
Inside the white house, there is a red house.
Inside the red house, there are lots of babies.

What is It

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AntiSocial Owl Riddle

AntiSocial Owl Riddle - 21 April

Which of the below owl is an antisocial owl?

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Newton Birthday Riddle

Newton Birthday Riddle - 20 April

Today is Newton birthday.
A year ago, Newton had five candles and he lit all the candles except the one at the last.
Now he is going to light all the candles.

How old is Newton Today?

Of course, he is not five today.

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Agent Bond Secret Message

Agent Bond Secret Message - 19 April

It is Secret Agent Bond Girl Friend birthday but he is on a secret mission

Mr. Bond got a secret device by which he can only use below words for sending the message.

Dumbo, Nazi, Carrot, Ronda, Zambia, Racing, TinTin, Seou, Zareeba, Laltain, Saphire, Tar, Orphan, Audition, Biscotti.

Mr. Bond sends the following message to her girlfriend:
Carrot Dumbo Nazi Racing Ronda Zambia TinTin Seou Laltain Zareeba Tar Biscotti Orphan Audition Snake

What does Mr. Bond Message say?

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Golfer Sports Riddle

Golfer Sports Riddle - 18 April

Jordan Spieth and Henrik Stenson are well-known golf rivals. One Day during a match, they were level at a score of 30. Jordan hit a bad shot and Henrik added 10 to his score. Henrik then hit an awesome shot and he won the game.

How ?

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Hollywood Movie Rebus

Hollywood Movie Rebus - 17 April

Which is famous "Tom Hanks" movie which is hidden in the rebus below?

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Remove Matchsticks Riddle

Remove Matchsticks Riddle - 16 April

You need to remove two matchsticks to make below equation true. Can you do it?

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What Am I Teaser

What Am I Teaser - 15 April

I look square from outside.
I look round when opened.
I look triangle when taken out.

What am I?

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Awesome What Am It Riddle

Awesome What Am It Riddle - 14 April

I got a bee but no honey.
I got an eye but still blind.
got a sea but no water.
I got a tea but no coffee.
I got a tea but no answer.

What Am I?

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Missing Ball Sequence Puzzle

Missing Ball Sequence Puzzle - 13 April

Can you find the value of "?" in the ball picture puzzle below.

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Odd One Out Picture Puzzle

Odd One Out Picture Puzzle - 12 April

In the four images below, can you find the odd one out?

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Three Brothers Statement Riddle

Three Brothers Statement Riddle - 11 April

You know three triplets: Frank John and Wayne (need to return your money). Frank always tells the truth while John and Wayne always lie. You meet one of them on the road and can ask him a three-word question.

Which question, will you ask?

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Prime Number Maths Puzzle

Prime Number Maths Puzzle - 10 April

How many prime numbers less than 100 are there that when divided by 5 leaves an odd remainder?

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Matchsticks Relationship Riddle

Matchsticks Relationship Riddle - 9 April

What is the relationship between these matchsticks pictures below?

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Tricky Girl Child Probability Puzzle

Tricky Girl Child Probability Puzzle - 8 April

In New York Park area, there are two Houses H1 and H2. Both H1 and H2 have two children each.
In House H1, The boy plays for New York Youth academy and the other child plays baseball.
In House H2, The boy Plays soccer for his school at New York and they recently have a newborn.

Can you prove that probability of House-H1 having girl child is more than that of House-H2?

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Missing Year Sequence Puzzle

Missing Year Sequence Puzzle - 7 April

Can you find the missing year in the number sequence below?

1997 1999 2003 2011 ? 2027

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Short Poem Who Am I

Short Poem Who Am I - 6 April

My thunder comes before lightning.
My lightning comes before my rain.
My rain dries up all the land it touches.

Who am I?

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One Liner Who Am I Puzzle

One Liner Who Am I Puzzle - 2 April

People put me on the table and cut me but do not eat me. Wo am I?

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Yesterday Tomorrow Puzzle

Yesterday Tomorrow Puzzle - 1 April

John said, "If yesterday was tomorrow, today would be Friday."

When did John make this statement?

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Real Name Puzzle

Real Name Puzzle - 31 March

My friends called me Iron59 because my parents are a chemist and a mathematician.What is my real name?

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Missing Wheel Riddle

Missing Wheel Riddle - 30 March

While sitting in the car, Adam suddenly finds that one of the wheels was missing. Adam noticed that a killer is approaching towards him. Adam cannot get out of the car.

How will Adam escape?

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Maths Symbol Decipher Rebus

Maths Symbol Decipher Rebus - 29 March

A maths symbol is hidden in the below rebus. Can you decipher it?

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Maze Riddle

Maze Riddle - 28 March

You need to complete the maze by entering from the entrance (near yellow circle - bottom left) and they leave from the exit point (near green circle - bottom middle).

You need to follow below rules:
1. You can go through one circle more than once.
2. You can move only by exchanging green and yellow circles.

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Classic Philosophical Betrayed Riddle

Classic Philosophical Betrayed Riddle - 27 March

John and Sophie were so frustrated with their life that they decided to end the misery by ending their life. They decided that both will jump off the building on the count of three. They started counting and on the count of three, John jumped white Sophie did not. She watched John fall off for around seven seconds when the parachute opens.

Who betrayed whom?

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Cipher Matchsticks Riddle

Cipher Matchsticks Riddle - 26 March

Can you decipher the two rows to find the hidden word?

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What is It Teaser

What is It Teaser - 25 March

It is deaf.
It is Dumb.
is Blind.
Still, it always tells the truth. What is it?

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Series Deduction Puzzle

Series Deduction Puzzle - 24 March

Can you repace the question mark with the correct letter?
6 + 6 + 6 = N
7 + 7 + 7 = E
8 + 8 + 8 = R
0 + 0 + 0 = ?

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Cream Milk True False Riddle

Cream Milk True False Riddle - 23 March

The cream is heavier than Milk. True or False?

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Beer Cap Rebus Puzzle

Beer Cap Rebus Puzzle - 22 March

Can you decipher the beer cap rebus?

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Number 7 Maths Riddle

Number 7 Maths Riddle - 21 March

You need to arrange three 7 and mathematical symbols to form number 1?

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Murray beat Djokovic Riddle

Murray beat Djokovic Riddle - 20 March

On charity event at Dubai, Murray beat Djokovic by winning six games and losing three games.
Note: There is a total of 5 service breaks(one who serve lost the game).

Who served first, Djokovic or Murray?

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Funny Nonsense Riddle

Funny Nonsense Riddle - 19 March

Landon Donovan was fined for taking a picture of the man in the yellow cap. Why?

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Guess Movie Rebus

Guess Movie Rebus - 18 March

Guess the hidden movie name?

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Ant And Rope Riddle

Ant And Rope Riddle - 17 March

An ant is traveling on a 1meter long rope at 1cm/seconds but also the entire rope is being stretched by an extra 1meter/second.
Is it possible for the ant to reach at the end of the rope?

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Sophie Birthday Riddle

Sophie Birthday Riddle - 16 March

How can Sophie was born on 25 December, still Sophie birthday is during the summer?

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Alpha Delta Relation Riddle

Alpha Delta Relation Riddle - 15 March

Alpha is Beta sister.

Gamma is Beta mother.

Delta is Gamma father.

Sipi is Delta mother.


How is Alpha related to Delta?

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Alphametic Puzzle

Alphametic Puzzle - 14 March

Cab you solve the alphametic puzzle by replacing alphabet with the number?

S T O R M +

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MatchSticks Squares Count Riddle

MatchSticks Squares Count Riddle - 13 March

Can you count the number of squares in this matchstick riddle below?

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Hollywood Movie Rebus Riddle

Hollywood Movie Rebus Riddle - 12 March

Which famous Hollywood movie name is hidden in the below rebus?

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Find The Cat Puzzle

Find The Cat Puzzle - 11 March

Can you find the hidden cat in the picture below?

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Remaining Candles Puzzle

Remaining Candles Puzzle - 10 March

On her drawing table, Steffi lit 10 colored candles. A few seconds later she blew two candles off. How many candles Steffi have at the end?

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Answer Fast Freezer Riddle

Answer Fast Freezer Riddle - 9 March

What melts in a freezer?

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Toughest Statement Riddle

Toughest Statement Riddle - 8 March

Can you write a sentence that satisfies following three properties
1. Its a palindrome
2. The statement is true.
3. It Can be used as a template to generate an infinite number of sentences which are both palindromes and true.

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Call 2 as 10 Puzzle

Call 2 as 10 Puzzle - 7 March

When we see 2 but call 10 instead?

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King Four Rooks Riddle

King Four Rooks Riddle - 6 March

You are playing as white and given four rooks to checkmate the black king in four moves with following rules.
1. You can place one rook every move and ensure black king should be in check position.
2. After four moves the black king should be in the checkmate position.

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Byomkesh Bakshi Riddle

Byomkesh Bakshi Riddle - 5 March

Byomkesh Bakshi has visited his friends Ajit just to discover that Ajit neighbor Dr. A.P Bindu was murdered. Dr. Bindu, who is a mathematician wrote the murderer name as a cipher "Hcqtfz". There were five suspects
1. Ajit
2. Another neighbor "Pankaj"
3. The servant "Ganpat"
4. The security guard "Deenu"
5. Dr brother "Hariya".

Byomkesh Bakshi instantly able to find the murderer.
Can you?

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Last Number Sequence Puzzle

Last Number Sequence Puzzle - 4 March

Can you find the last number in the below sequence puzzle?

16 105 636 3175 12704 38109 ?

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What is It Trick Riddle

What is It Trick Riddle - 3 March

No one wants to have it, but if one got it, he does not want to lose it. What is It?

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Very Hard Statements Puzzle

Very Hard Statements Puzzle - 2 March

The pound is not a finish.

We are sharing a few instructions below, which you have to use in any suitable order to modify the above sentence such that the end sentence is a scientific fact.

- Eliminate a letter and supplement another in its place.
- Take away one word.
- Remove one letter from one word.
- Get rid of two letters from one word.
- Swap a word with its antonym.

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Hard Odd One Out Matchstick Puzzle

Hard Odd One Out Matchstick Puzzle - 1 March

Which of the below images is the odd one out?

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