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Phone Charger Puzzle

Phone Charger Puzzle - 31 January

Which is the right charger for the phone?

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Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar Eqaution Puzzle

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar Eqaution Puzzle - 30 January


Sachin + Ramesh + Tendulkar = 6

Sachin x Ramesh = 2

Ramesh x Tendulkar = 6


Tendulkar x Sachin =?

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Matchsticks Number Sequence Puzzle

Matchsticks Number Sequence Puzzle - 29 January

What is the next number in the matchsticks number sequence below?

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Very Hard Interview Puzzle

Very Hard Interview Puzzle - 28 January

Shahrukh, father of nine sons got 81 goats labeled as 1,2,3,4..... 81. The beauty of the label is such that the buffalo with label-1 gives 1-liter of milk, buffalo with label-2 gives 2-liters of milk..... Buffalo with label 81 gives 81-liters of milk, Shahrukh wants to distribute his 81 goats among all his sons such that each of them gets the same number of goats and the same quantity of milk.

Can you help him?

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Tricky Chess Rebus Puzzle

Tricky Chess Rebus Puzzle - 27 January

Can you solve the tricky chess rebus puzzle below by ciphering the hidden meaning?

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Sheikh Hotel And The Gold Bars

Sheikh Hotel And The Gold Bars - 26 January

Sheikh Mansoor decided to stay at a luxurious hotel in Dubai. The Sheikh has got 3 gold bars which weigh as 4kg, 2kg, and 1kg respectively. The charge of the hotel is 1kg gold per day and they do not take any advances. Sheikh needs to stay at the hotel for seven days. 

How can the Sheikh pay for hotel easily?

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Who Are They Riddle

Who Are They Riddle - 25 January

They are the five precious gems of an everyday sort and all can be find in a Tennis Court. Who are they?

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Christmas Riddle For Kids

Christmas Riddle For Kids - 24 January

Can you spot 5 differences in two Christmas tree below?

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8 Moves CheckMate Puzzle

8 Moves CheckMate Puzzle - 23 January

With following rules:
(A) White can make up to 10 legitimate moves until all kings are checkmate.
(B) White can take any black piece except the king.
(C) The White king cannot be in check position at any time of the game.

Can you checkmate all kings in less than 10 moves?

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Hard 12 Matchsticks Puzzle

Hard 12 Matchsticks Puzzle - 22 January

You need to remove four matchsticks from the picture below and still need to maintain the following as in the original image.
1. 1st row contains 12 matchsticks
2. 2nd row contains 12 matchsticks
3. 1st column contains 12 matchsticks
4. 2nd column contains 12 matchsticks

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Danger Cryptarithms Puzzle

Danger Cryptarithms Puzzle - 21 January

Solve below cryptarithms puzzle by replacing letter by the appropriate number.

   C R O S S
+ R O A D S

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Table Sequence Riddle

Table Sequence Riddle - 20 January

Can you replace question mark with the correct number in the below table sequence riddle?

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Movie Name Rebus

Movie Name Rebus - 19 January

Decipher the movie name hidden in the rebus below?

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Fill The Tank Riddle

Fill The Tank Riddle - 18 January

Which tank will fill first?

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The Best Proposition Puzzle

The Best Proposition Puzzle - 17 January

For extra income, Castiel decided to work on pizza hut for one-hour daily. The manager offers him that they will pay him $11 after every eleven days.
However, Castiel offered a different proposition to the manager. The offers stand as:
He will be paid just a penny on his first day.
Two pence will be paid on the second day,
Four pence will be paid on the third day.
And so on till 11th day.

Should the pizza hut manager accept his offer?

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Masked Girls Riddle

Masked Girls Riddle - 16 January

Steffi leaves home and then she makes exactly 3 left turns and returns home where she found 2 girls wearing the mask.

Who are these two masked girls?

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Trick Chess Riddle

Trick Chess Riddle - 15 January

As we know that the white starts the game in chess. Can you find the scenario showed in the picture below is possible when all the white pieces are at the original place white black pawn is not?

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Simple MatchSticks Puzzle

Simple MatchSticks Puzzle - 14 January

Using exactly three matchsticks, can you divide the area into two equal parts?

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Danny Ocean Break Safe Puzzle

Danny Ocean Break Safe Puzzle - 13 January

Danny Ocean and his team plan to rob Las Vegas safe. They got just one chance to break the code else the local police will be informed.
Following are the following clues:

A) Exactly one number is perfectly placed: 9 8 1
B) Everything is incorrect: 9 2 4
C) Two numbers are part of the code of the safe but are wrongly placed: 0 9 3
D) One number is part of the code of the safe but is wrongly placed: 1 4 7
E) One number is part of the code of the safe but is wrongly placed: 7 8 3

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Captain Odysseus Ship

Captain Odysseus Ship - 12 January

Captain Odysseus is the captain of a ship.
The captain of an amazing ship is Captain Odysseus.
Captain Odysseus is the best captain known in his time.
What is the name of the Captain Odysseus ship.

Confused buddy !!!

what is the name of the Captain Odysseus ship?

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Word Pattern Riddle

Word Pattern Riddle - 4 January

What is the common pattern for below words?


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Counting Prisoners Ridde

Counting Prisoners Riddle - 3 January

If Keller Dover is standing in a row of prisoners at 9th position from both end of a line. How many Prisoners are standing in total ?

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Famous DiCaprio Movie Rebus

Famous DiCaprio Movie Rebus - 2 January

Below rebus represents famous DiCaprio movie. Can you name it?

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Jigsaw People Circle Puzzle

Jigsaw People Circle Puzzle - 1 January

Jigsaw captured 100 people and make them stand in the circle and all these people are labeled as Person1, Person2, Person3... Person100. He made them play a crazy game in which the Person1 shot the Person2 and pass the gun to next Person and so on until one stands alive.

Which person will survive at the end?

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