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Tricky Who Am I Puzzle

Tricky Who Am I Puzzle - 28 February

I am written with two letters.
I said with the one.
I usually, am seen with the two.

Who am I?

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Married UnMarried Looking Riddle

Married UnMarried Looking Riddle - 27 February

Shahrukh Is looking at Diya
Diya is looking, Salman
Shahrukh is married while Stone is not.

So Is married person looking at an unmarried person?
A) Yes
B) No
C) Need more information.

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Minutes Feb 2017 Riddle

Minutes Feb 2017 Riddle - 24 February

How many minutes are there in Feb 2017?

Note: Shortest answer is the correct answer.

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Number Dot Algebric Riddle

Number Dot Algebric Riddle - 23 February

Can you solve the below algebraic picture puzzle?

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Who Are They

Who Are They - 22 February

They came out at night, without being called.
They lost at day, without being stolen.
Who are they?

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The Cards Magic Riddle

The Cards Magic Riddle - 21 February

David Blaine and Dynamo performed together in our college fest. I was chosen to be performed a card trick on. Blaine asked me to shuffle a deck of cards and when I was done, he asked me to pick any five cards. I did as he had asked and showed my selected cards to Blaine.

Out of those five cards, he gave four to Dynamo and one back to me. Upon looking at those four cards, he was able to deduce the card I was holding.

I was shocked. It was brilliant. But when I was returning back home, I thought about it and was able to crack the trick.

Do you know how they did it?

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Three Triangles Matchsticks Riddle

Three Triangles Matchsticks Riddle - 20 February

Can you remove 6 matchsticks and ensure after removing we are left with three triangles and all are of not the same size?

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Tank Fill First Puzzle

Tank Fill First Puzzle - 19 February

Which tank will fill first?

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Chocolates In Hand Picture Riddle

Chocolates In Hand Picture Riddle - 18 February

Can you count the chocolates in hand?

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Maths Equation Cup Puzzle

Maths Equation Cup Puzzle - 17 February

Can you solve the below tricky visual equation?

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Software Professional DOB Riddle

Software Professional DOB Riddle - 16 February

Here is a conversation of a couple who both are the software professional.

Husband: Hey! What is your date of birth?
Wife Replied Angrily: It is 591062400
Husband after doing some calculation replied, "Got It".

What is the DOB of the wife?

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Alphametic BaseBall Puzzle

Alphametic BaseBall Puzzle - 15 February

Can you solve the below alphametic riddle by replacing letters of words by a number so that the below equation holds true?


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Car Moving Puzzle

Car Moving Puzzle - 14 February

In which direction car is moving? Towards right... or toward left?

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Matchsticks Game Triangle Puzzle

Matchsticks Game Triangle Puzzle - 13 February

Can you create a magic in which you can make 7 triangles from none in the picture by adding just 2 matchsticks?
Also, you may not need to add matchsticks on the same surface.

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100 Display Calculator Riddle

100 Display Calculator Riddle - 12 February

This is a famous calculator riddle in which you must display 100 on the display screen considering below three rules must be followed.

A) Three unique keys are allowed to be pressed.
B) You cannot press Memory keys
C) The Only basic calculator can be used.

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22x 69x Riddle

22x 69x Riddle - 11 February

If 22x = 69x, what is the value of x?

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Mighty Dog And Friends Riddle

Mighty Dog And Friends Riddle - 10 February

Viswanathan Anand went to meet his friend Garry Kasparov, but when he was about to reach the main gate, Anand notices that Garry had a mighty dog who was fastened to the tree. The chain is long enough that it allows the dog to reach the main gate. 

How can the Anand reach the main gate?

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Nine Horse Riddle

Nine Horse Riddle - 9 February

As shown in the image, the nine horses are square fenced. By constructing just two square fences can you make sure that two horses cannot meet each other without crossing the fence?

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99 More Than 100 Riddle

99 More Than 100 Riddle - 8 February

When is 99 more than 100?

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Missing Number Riddle

Missing Number Riddle - 7 February

Can you find the missing number in the sequence?

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Hard Matchsticks Equation Puzzle

Hard Matchsticks Equation Puzzle - 6 February

By moving 3 matchsticks, you need to make below equation true.

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The Train Tickets Riddle

The Train Tickets Riddle - 5 February

Two deaf and dumb guy Rooney and Rojo went to the train station. Tickets for the train is 1/2 dollar i.e 50cents. Rooney gave the ticket booth guy a dollar and without even looking at him, he gave Rooney two tickets.

How does ticket booth guy know that they need two tickets and now one?

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Soft Cuddly Who Am I

Soft Cuddly Who Am I - 4 February

I am soft and cuddly that sooth your heart. But, If you pick my last name I am going to tear you all apart. 

Who am I?

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Picture Missing Number Puzzle

Picture Missing Number Puzzle - 3 February

The question given in the picture was asked from Rahul in his aptitude class.

Can you solve it?

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Who Am I Picture Puzzle

Who Am I Picture Puzzle - 1 February

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