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Real Name Puzzle

Real Name Puzzle - 31 March

My friends called me Iron59 because my parents are a chemist and a mathematician.What is my real name?

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Missing Wheel Riddle

Missing Wheel Riddle - 30 March

While sitting in the car, Adam suddenly finds that one of the wheels was missing. Adam noticed that a killer is approaching towards him. Adam cannot get out of the car.

How will Adam escape?

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Maths Symbol Decipher Rebus

Maths Symbol Decipher Rebus - 29 March

A maths symbol is hidden in the below rebus. Can you decipher it?

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Maze Riddle

Maze Riddle - 28 March

You need to complete the maze by entering from the entrance (near yellow circle - bottom left) and they leave from the exit point (near green circle - bottom middle).

You need to follow below rules:
1. You can go through one circle more than once.
2. You can move only by exchanging green and yellow circles.

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Classic Philosophical Betrayed Riddle

Classic Philosophical Betrayed Riddle - 27 March

John and Sophie were so frustrated with their life that they decided to end the misery by ending their life. They decided that both will jump off the building on the count of three. They started counting and on the count of three, John jumped white Sophie did not. She watched John fall off for around seven seconds when the parachute opens.

Who betrayed whom?

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Cipher Matchsticks Riddle

Cipher Matchsticks Riddle - 26 March

Can you decipher the two rows to find the hidden word?

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What is It Teaser

What is It Teaser - 25 March

It is deaf.
It is Dumb.
is Blind.
Still, it always tells the truth. What is it?

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Series Deduction Puzzle

Series Deduction Puzzle - 24 March

Can you repace the question mark with the correct letter?
6 + 6 + 6 = N
7 + 7 + 7 = E
8 + 8 + 8 = R
0 + 0 + 0 = ?

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Cream Milk True False Riddle

Cream Milk True False Riddle - 23 March

The cream is heavier than Milk. True or False?

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Beer Cap Rebus Puzzle

Beer Cap Rebus Puzzle - 22 March

Can you decipher the beer cap rebus?

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Number 7 Maths Riddle

Number 7 Maths Riddle - 21 March

You need to arrange three 7 and mathematical symbols to form number 1?

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Murray beat Djokovic Riddle

Murray beat Djokovic Riddle - 20 March

On charity event at Dubai, Murray beat Djokovic by winning six games and losing three games.
Note: There is a total of 5 service breaks(one who serve lost the game).

Who served first, Djokovic or Murray?

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Funny Nonsense Riddle

Funny Nonsense Riddle - 19 March

Landon Donovan was fined for taking a picture of the man in the yellow cap. Why?

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Guess Movie Rebus

Guess Movie Rebus - 18 March

Guess the hidden movie name?

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Ant And Rope Riddle

Ant And Rope Riddle - 17 March

An ant is traveling on a 1meter long rope at 1cm/seconds but also the entire rope is being stretched by an extra 1meter/second.
Is it possible for the ant to reach at the end of the rope?

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Sophie Birthday Riddle

Sophie Birthday Riddle - 16 March

How can Sophie was born on 25 December, still Sophie birthday is during the summer?

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Alpha Delta Relation Riddle

Alpha Delta Relation Riddle - 15 March

Alpha is Beta sister.

Gamma is Beta mother.

Delta is Gamma father.

Sipi is Delta mother.


How is Alpha related to Delta?

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Alphametic Puzzle

Alphametic Puzzle - 14 March

Cab you solve the alphametic puzzle by replacing alphabet with the number?

S T O R M +

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MatchSticks Squares Count Riddle

MatchSticks Squares Count Riddle - 13 March

Can you count the number of squares in this matchstick riddle below?

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Hollywood Movie Rebus Riddle

Hollywood Movie Rebus Riddle - 12 March

Which famous Hollywood movie name is hidden in the below rebus?

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Find The Cat Puzzle

Find The Cat Puzzle - 11 March

Can you find the hidden cat in the picture below?

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Remaining Candles Puzzle

Remaining Candles Puzzle - 10 March

On her drawing table, Steffi lit 10 colored candles. A few seconds later she blew two candles off. How many candles Steffi have at the end?

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Answer Fast Freezer Riddle

Answer Fast Freezer Riddle - 9 March

What melts in a freezer?

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Toughest Statement Riddle

Toughest Statement Riddle - 8 March

Can you write a sentence that satisfies following three properties
1. Its a palindrome
2. The statement is true.
3. It Can be used as a template to generate an infinite number of sentences which are both palindromes and true.

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Call 2 as 10 Puzzle

Call 2 as 10 Puzzle - 7 March

When we see 2 but call 10 instead?

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King Four Rooks Riddle

King Four Rooks Riddle - 6 March

You are playing as white and given four rooks to checkmate the black king in four moves with following rules.
1. You can place one rook every move and ensure black king should be in check position.
2. After four moves the black king should be in the checkmate position.

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Byomkesh Bakshi Riddle

Byomkesh Bakshi Riddle - 5 March

Byomkesh Bakshi has visited his friends Ajit just to discover that Ajit neighbor Dr. A.P Bindu was murdered. Dr. Bindu, who is a mathematician wrote the murderer name as a cipher "Hcqtfz". There were five suspects
1. Ajit
2. Another neighbor "Pankaj"
3. The servant "Ganpat"
4. The security guard "Deenu"
5. Dr brother "Hariya".

Byomkesh Bakshi instantly able to find the murderer.
Can you?

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Last Number Sequence Puzzle

Last Number Sequence Puzzle - 4 March

Can you find the last number in the below sequence puzzle?

16 105 636 3175 12704 38109 ?

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What is It Trick Riddle

What is It Trick Riddle - 3 March

No one wants to have it, but if one got it, he does not want to lose it. What is It?

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Very Hard Statements Puzzle

Very Hard Statements Puzzle - 2 March

The pound is not a finish.

We are sharing a few instructions below, which you have to use in any suitable order to modify the above sentence such that the end sentence is a scientific fact.

- Eliminate a letter and supplement another in its place.
- Take away one word.
- Remove one letter from one word.
- Get rid of two letters from one word.
- Swap a word with its antonym.

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Hard Odd One Out Matchstick Puzzle

Hard Odd One Out Matchstick Puzzle - 1 March

Which of the below images is the odd one out?

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