#1 - AntiSocial Owl Riddle

Which of the below owl is an antisocial owl?

AntiSocial Owl Riddle

The marked owl is looking away from the rest.

#2 - Newton Birthday Riddle

Today is Newton birthday.
A year ago, Newton had five candles and he lit all the candles except the one at the last.
Now he is going to light all the candles.

How old is Newton Today?

Of course, he is not five today.


Newton was lighting the candles in binary i.e
11110 =>30
11111 =>31

#3 - Awesome What Am It Riddle

I got a bee but no honey.
I got an eye but still blind.
got a sea but no water.
I got a tea but no coffee.
I got a tea but no answer.

What Am I?

The alphabets.

Eye = I
Sea = C
Bee = B
Tea = T
Why = Y

#4 - Missing Ball Sequence Puzzle

Can you find the value of "?" in the ball picture puzzle below.

Missing Ball Sequence Puzzle


Digits are represented in binary form where a ball is 1 and a ring is 0.
001 = 1
010 = 2
100 = 4
011 = 3

#5 - Logician Bar Puzzle

Three logicians went to bar for having a drink.
The bar person asks the logicians "Do they all want to have scotch?".
The first logician replied, " I dont know".
The second logician replied, " I dont know".

What is the reply of the last logician?

"YES" if he wants a scotch, "NO" if he prefers something else.

The first says "I dont know" because he wants a scotch, but do not know if everybody wants one.
The second says "I dont know" because he wants a scotch, but do not know if the third logician wants one.(he know 1st one wants one, otherwise, he would reply as no)
The last one knows that both wants a scotch and hence can reply as his own preference.

#6 - Missing Image Riddle

Which of the eight images will fill the missing image in the puzzle below ?

Missing Image Riddle

Image 5 as this is the only image that is the part of the connecting images as shown below.

#7 - Divide Matchsticks Riddle

You have to divide the given square into 4 equal parts by adding nine matchsticks.Note: squares can be of different dimensions.Can you do it?

Divide Matchsticks Riddle

You can divide the matchsticks as shown below.

#8 - Agent Bond Secret Message

It is Secret Agent Bond Girl Friend birthday but he is on a secret mission

Mr. Bond got a secret device by which he can only use below words for sending the message.

Dumbo, Nazi, Carrot, Ronda, Zambia, Racing, TinTin, Seou, Zareeba, Laltain, Saphire, Tar, Orphan, Audition, Biscotti.

Mr. Bond sends the following message to her girlfriend:
Carrot Dumbo Nazi Racing Ronda Zambia TinTin Seou Laltain Zareeba Tar Biscotti Orphan Audition Snake

What does Mr. Bond Message say?


Message Was: Carrot Dumbo Nazzi Racing Ronda Zambia TinTin Seou Laltain Zareeba Tar Biscotti Orphan Audition Snake

Pick the 1st letter of the first word, 2nd letter of the second word, Pick 1st letter from the third word and so on.

Carrot - C
Dumbo - O
Nazi - N
Racing - G
Ronda - R
Zambia - A
TinTin - T
Seou - U
Laltain - L
Zareeba - A
Tar - T
Biscotti - I
Orphan - O
Audition - N
Snake - S

#9 - Hollywood Movie Rebus

Which is famous "Tom Hanks" movie which is hidden in the rebus below?

Hollywood Movie Rebus

Forest Gump FOR (4 o clock) + REST (person resting in bed) + GUMP (bubble gum + p)

#10 - Remove Matchsticks Riddle

You need to remove two matchsticks to make below equation true. Can you do it ?

Remove Matchsticks Riddle

It can be done as shown below