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2 Matchsticks Equation Puzzle

2 Matchsticks Equation Puzzle - 30 April

Add two matchsticks equations to make below equation true.

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Pj Puzzle

Pj Puzzle - 29 April

Which building got the most stories?

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Logician Bar Puzzle

Logician Bar Puzzle - 28 April

Three logicians went to bar for having a drink.
The bar person asks the logicians "Do they all want to have scotch?".
The first logician replied, " I dont know".
The second logician replied, " I dont know".

What is the reply of the last logician?

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Missing Image Riddle

Missing Image Riddle - 27 April

Which of the eight images will fill the missing image in the puzzle below?

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Science ology Teaser

Science ology Teaser - 26 April

Astrology starts with the alphabet A, Biology starts with B and Limnology with L.

Can you find an "ology" that begins with a P?

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Who Am I Rebus

Who Am I Rebus - 25 April

Can you identify the famous lady(American politician) ciphered in the rebus below?

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The PaintBall Match Puzzle

The PaintBall Match Puzzle - 24 April

Kohli and Dhoni decided to have a paintball match.
Kohli told Dhoni, "Sir it is not right as you got thrice the paintballs I have".

Dhoni instantly gives Kohli 10 of hit paintballs.
Kohli replied, "Sir, I believe you still have twice the paintballs than I have".

Dhoni gives "?" more paintballs to Kohli.
Kohli replied, "Sir Its even now, Let us have a match".

What is "?".

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Divide Matchsticks Riddle

Divide Matchsticks Riddle - 23 April

You have to divide the given square into 4 equal parts by adding nine matchsticks.
Note: squares can be of different dimensions.

Can you do it?

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Grandma What is It Riddle

Grandma What is It Riddle - 22 April

There was a green house.
Inside the green house, there is a white house.
Inside the white house, there is a red house.
Inside the red house, there are lots of babies.

What is It

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AntiSocial Owl Riddle

AntiSocial Owl Riddle - 21 April

Which of the below owl is an antisocial owl?

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Newton Birthday Riddle

Newton Birthday Riddle - 20 April

Today is Newton birthday.
A year ago, Newton had five candles and he lit all the candles except the one at the last.
Now he is going to light all the candles.

How old is Newton Today?

Of course, he is not five today.

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Agent Bond Secret Message

Agent Bond Secret Message - 19 April

It is Secret Agent Bond Girl Friend birthday but he is on a secret mission

Mr. Bond got a secret device by which he can only use below words for sending the message.

Dumbo, Nazi, Carrot, Ronda, Zambia, Racing, TinTin, Seou, Zareeba, Laltain, Saphire, Tar, Orphan, Audition, Biscotti.

Mr. Bond sends the following message to her girlfriend:
Carrot Dumbo Nazi Racing Ronda Zambia TinTin Seou Laltain Zareeba Tar Biscotti Orphan Audition Snake

What does Mr. Bond Message say?

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Golfer Sports Riddle

Golfer Sports Riddle - 18 April

Jordan Spieth and Henrik Stenson are well-known golf rivals. One Day during a match, they were level at a score of 30. Jordan hit a bad shot and Henrik added 10 to his score. Henrik then hit an awesome shot and he won the game.

How ?

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Hollywood Movie Rebus

Hollywood Movie Rebus - 17 April

Which is famous "Tom Hanks" movie which is hidden in the rebus below?

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Remove Matchsticks Riddle

Remove Matchsticks Riddle - 16 April

You need to remove two matchsticks to make below equation true. Can you do it?

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What Am I Teaser

What Am I Teaser - 15 April

I look square from outside.
I look round when opened.
I look triangle when taken out.

What am I?

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Awesome What Am It Riddle

Awesome What Am It Riddle - 14 April

I got a bee but no honey.
I got an eye but still blind.
got a sea but no water.
I got a tea but no coffee.
I got a tea but no answer.

What Am I?

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Missing Ball Sequence Puzzle

Missing Ball Sequence Puzzle - 13 April

Can you find the value of "?" in the ball picture puzzle below.

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Odd One Out Picture Puzzle

Odd One Out Picture Puzzle - 12 April

In the four images below, can you find the odd one out?

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Three Brothers Statement Riddle

Three Brothers Statement Riddle - 11 April

You know three triplets: Frank John and Wayne (need to return your money). Frank always tells the truth while John and Wayne always lie. You meet one of them on the road and can ask him a three-word question.

Which question, will you ask?

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Prime Number Maths Puzzle

Prime Number Maths Puzzle - 10 April

How many prime numbers less than 100 are there that when divided by 5 leaves an odd remainder?

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Matchsticks Relationship Riddle

Matchsticks Relationship Riddle - 9 April

What is the relationship between these matchsticks pictures below?

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Tricky Girl Child Probability Puzzle

Tricky Girl Child Probability Puzzle - 8 April

In New York Park area, there are two Houses H1 and H2. Both H1 and H2 have two children each.
In House H1, The boy plays for New York Youth academy and the other child plays baseball.
In House H2, The boy Plays soccer for his school at New York and they recently have a newborn.

Can you prove that probability of House-H1 having girl child is more than that of House-H2?

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Missing Year Sequence Puzzle

Missing Year Sequence Puzzle - 7 April

Can you find the missing year in the number sequence below?

1997 1999 2003 2011 ? 2027

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Short Poem Who Am I

Short Poem Who Am I - 6 April

My thunder comes before lightning.
My lightning comes before my rain.
My rain dries up all the land it touches.

Who am I?

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One Liner Who Am I Puzzle

One Liner Who Am I Puzzle - 2 April

People put me on the table and cut me but do not eat me. Wo am I?

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Yesterday Tomorrow Puzzle

Yesterday Tomorrow Puzzle - 1 April

John said, "If yesterday was tomorrow, today would be Friday."

When did John make this statement?

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