Kohli and Dhoni decided to have a paintball match.
Kohli told Dhoni, "Sir it is not right as you got thrice the paintballs I have".

Dhoni instantly gives Kohli 10 of hit paintballs.
Kohli replied, "Sir, I believe you still have twice the paintballs than I have".

Dhoni gives "?" more paintballs to Kohli.
Kohli replied, "Sir Its even now, Let us have a match".

What is "?".

20 more paintballs

Initially, Dhoni has "D" paintballs and Kohli has "K" paintballs.

We have 2 equations
3K = D
2(K+10) = D-10

=> 2K + 20 = 3K - 10
=> 30 = K

K = 30 and D = 90.

Dhoni gave 10 paintballs, therefore, need to give 20 more paintballs so that they can 60 bullets each.