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Easy Who Are They Riddle

Easy Who Are They Riddle - 31 May

They are eight look-alikes brothers.
They considered to be weak, yet they protect the king in every battle.
If they move ahead, they never turn back.

Who are they?

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Billiards Maths Fun

Billiards Maths Fun Riddle - 30 May

Can you place three balls such that equation shown in the picture holds true?

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Porsche Missing Piece Riddle

Porsche Missing Piece Riddle - 29 May

Can you find the missing piece of the Porsche?

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Find The Dog Riddle

Find The Dog Riddle - 28 May

Can you find the dog hidden in a group of panda?

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Girl Sitting Riddle

Girl Sitting Riddle - 27 May

You see a lovely girl sitting but you cannot sit on her place even if she standup and the leave the place.

Where is she sitting?

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Rain Or Sunny Riddle

Rain Or Sunny Riddle - 26 May

It raining today at 11:59 am. What is the probability of sunny weather after 72 hours?

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Playing Card Sequence Puzzle

Playing Card Sequence Puzzle - 25 May

Can you complete the card sequence puzzle by replacing "?" with the correct playing card?

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Letter Sequence Riddle

Letter Sequence Riddle - 24 May

Find the missing value of "?" in the letter sequence below?


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Byomkesh Bakshi Cipher Puzzle

Byomkesh Bakshi Cipher Puzzle - 23 May

Byomkesh Bakshi was working on a murder case when he received a message about the location of the murder weapon.
The message was encrypted as below.

"deb mitciv eht edisni neddih si nopaew redrum ehT"

What is the location of the murder weapon?

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Hollywood Movie Rebus Puzzle

Hollywood Movie Rebus Puzzle - 22 May

Which Hollywood name does below rebus represents?

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Zoo Matchsticks Riddle

Zoo Matchsticks Riddle - 21 May

By removing one matchstick and adding one matchstick, can you convert word "ZOO" to an animal name?

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Passcode Riddle

Passcode Riddle - 20 May

Steffi daughter JazElle need to be picked from the school every day.
Steffi the owner of a renowed company asks one of her colleagues to pick JazElle from the school. Steffi devised a password system to confirm that JazElle goes with the correct colleague only.

The password on Monday was SJM16.
The password on Wednesday was TAW39.

What will the password for Friday?

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Decode Movie Rebus

Decode Movie Rebus - 19 May

Decode the hidden movie name hidden in the picture rebus below?

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Logic Series Puzzle

Logic Series Puzzle - 18 May

Complete the series by replacing "?" with the correct number.


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Bird Shadow Riddle

Bird Shadow Riddle - 17 May

Which is the correct shadow of the bird?

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Sisters Age Riddle

Sisters Age Riddle - 16 May

Three sisters Pinki Yelli and Purpi lives in riddleLand.
The current product of their ages of these sisters is 175.
Purpi and Yelli are twins.

How old is Pinki?

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Short What Is It

Short What Is It - 15 May

It is always ahead of me yet I can never see it. What is it?

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Spot Airplane Riddle

Spot Airplane Riddle - 14 May

Can you spot the airplane in the picture below?

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Adam Eve Puzzle

Adam Eve Puzzle - 13 May

What Adam and Eve do not have but the rest of the people have?

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Science 2 Balls Riddle

Science 2 Balls Riddle - 12 May

We have two identical balls in terms of diameter and weight. However, one of them is solid and the other is hollow.

Without knocking the ball, can you find the solid ball?

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Funny Luis Suarez Tea

Funny Luis Suarez Tea - 11 May

What is Luis Suarez(Soccer Player) favorite tea?

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Beer Cap Rebus Riddle

Beer Cap Rebus Riddle - 10 May

what does the below beer cap say?

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Short Story Mario Riddle

Short Story Mario Riddle - 9 May

Mario was relaxing in his hotel room in La Galaxy. He heard a knock at the door when he saw a man in the suit whom he never met in his life. The man said "I am very sorry, I thought this was my room" and he left the room. Mario instantly called the hotel manager and ask him to arrest the person.

What made Mario suspicious of the man?

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Clever Equation Riddle

Clever Equation Riddle - 8 May

1/2 (5) = 4.

Can you prove that above equation is true?

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MatchSticks Squares Riddle

MatchSticks Squares Riddle - 7 May

You need to move three matchsticks to form three squares. Can you do it?

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Can Eat Who Am I

Can Eat Who Am I - 6 May

You buy me to eat but you never eat me. Who am I?

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Algebraic Equation Riddle

Algebraic Equation Riddle - 5 May

Can you solve the below algebraic equation?

( Q + U + I + C + K)^3 = QUICK

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Number Rebus

Number Rebus - 4 May

what does below number rebus represents?

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MANILA To UGANDA Riddle - 3 May

By following below three rules can you move from word MANILA to UGANDA in the shortest time?

1: You can change up to 3 alphabets at a time.
2: New word must be of 6 alphabets.
3: New word formed must be a country or capital.

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Calculate Owner Loss Riddle

Calculate Owner Loss Riddle - 2 May

Razzak walks in the daily grocery shop and steals a $100 bill from the shop. An hour later Razzak returns to the shop and buys some daily products for $40. Razzak pays the owner the $100 bill and therefore owner returns him $60.

How much money did the owner lose?

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Picture Table Sequence Riddle

Picture Table Sequence Riddle - 1 May

Complete the table series riddle by finding the number that can replace "?".

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