#1 - Billiards Maths Fun Riddle

Can you place three balls such that equation shown in the picture holds true?

Billiards Maths Fun Riddle

13 + 11 + 6 = 30

Note: You just need to rotate "9" to form "6".

#2 - Porsche Missing Piece Riddle

Can you find the missing piece of the Porsche?

Porsche Missing Piece Riddle


#3 - Find The Dog Riddle

Can you find the dog hidden in a group of panda?

Find The Dog Riddle

It is circled in the picture below

#4 - Rain Or Sunny Riddle

It raining today at 11:59 am. What is the probability of sunny weather after 72 hours?

None as it will be night in 72 hours.

#5 - Playing Card Sequence Puzzle

Can you complete the card sequence puzzle by replacing "?" with the correct playing card?

Playing Card Sequence Puzzle

5 of clubs.

The 5th number is equal to the sum of first four number (recursively until its value <=13). The suit will be same as of biggest card.

ie. for the desired row.
12+13+2+5 = 32 = 5
Since Maximum value is King of a club, therefore, we will get 5 of a club.

#6 - Letter Sequence Riddle

Find the missing value of "?" in the letter sequence below?



The numeric value of the first two letters adds up to the numeric value of the last letter.

#7 - Zoo Matchsticks Riddle

By removing one matchstick and adding one matchstick, can you convert word "ZOO" to an animal name?

Zoo Matchsticks Riddle


#8 - Passcode Riddle

Steffi daughter JazElle need to be picked from the school every day.
Steffi the owner of a renowed company asks one of her colleagues to pick JazElle from the school. Steffi devised a password system to confirm that JazElle goes with the correct colleague only.

The password on Monday was SJM16.
The password on Wednesday was TAW39.

What will the password for Friday?


The password is formed as:
F (5th letter of Steffi)
L(5th letter of JazElle)
F(1st letter of Friday)
5(5th day of week)
6(Length of Friday)

#9 - Logic Series Puzzle

Complete the series by replacing "?" with the correct number.



1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

#10 - Spot Airplane Riddle

Can you spot the airplane in the picture below?

Spot Airplane Riddle

It is shown below.