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Short Story Mario Riddle

Short Story Mario Riddle - 9 May

Mario was relaxing in his hotel room in La Galaxy. He heard a knock at the door when he saw a man in the suit whom he never met in his life. The man said "I am very sorry, I thought this was my room" and he left the room. Mario instantly called the hotel manager and ask him to arrest the person.

What made Mario suspicious of the man?

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  1. If the man knew it was his room, why would he knock in the first place?!

    1. Well, it may have happened that he would have left his partner in the room before leaving , so knocking alone doesn't suffice for an arrest.

      Mario would have known that there isn't any other booking done in the entire hotel so how come this person said it is his room.

  2. 1. The hotel had only one room.
    2. There was only one room in the floor Mario was on.
    3. No one knocks at owns room.
    4. The place was in Space (2050) and people can see through special glasses through which bad persons seem to wear suits.
    5. The suit was Mario's, so he knew he was a thief.
    Creativity Level : La Galaxy.

    1. What thinking Ram, excellent. Heres something:-
      6. Mario knew every good person on the whole universe.

  3. its obvious he dont know the man and it was his room

  4. and also why would someone knock first if it was their room .all rooms in the hotel have its own number there is no such thing as second room with the same number the reason for each number is so that the owner of the room wont get into others room because of the number of their room