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Deduce Direction Puzzle

Deduce Direction Puzzle - 30 June

Today is very icy and cold morning in the Newcastle.

Mr. Shearer, an office bus driver arrived to pick the employees from the last stop. Shearer suddenly remembers that he needs to pick a newly joined 4miles to the north. Mr. Shearer lost his direction compass, a few minutes later Shearer is able to figure that he is moving in the correct direction i.e. north.

How did Shearer know that he is moving in the correct direction?

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Logical Bet Riddle

Logical Bet Riddle - 29 June

Snow and Tyrion are two mad logicians and loves betting.
They placed 11 Candies at the table and designed a small betting game, in which both of them need to eat Candies turn by turn with the following rules:
Rule1: One need to eat at least one candy.
Rule2: One cannot eat more than 5 candies.

The one that eats last candy will loose.

Snow won the toss and need to start.

How many candies must Snow ear in order to make sure that he won the bet?

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Tricky Algebraic Equation

Tricky Algebraic Equation - 28 June

29 - 1 = 30
9 - 1 = 10
14 - 1 = 15

Based on similar logic, Can you prove that the below algebraic equation is true?
11 - 1 = 10 ?

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Prisoners Byomkesh Bakshi Riddle

Prisoners Byomkesh Bakshi Riddle - 27 June

On a special event at the prison, 5 prisoners Lincon T-Bag Michael Paul and Sucre gave a chance to go for a sauna and can bring one thing with them.
Following are the things that the prisoners bring with them.
Lincon: A soda.
T-Bag: Thermos
Michael: Book named "How to kill".
Paul: A Walkman.
Sucre: Harmonica.

Since it is a Sauna, no one can see each other. After a while When steam is switched, Paul was found dead and there was blood all around.
Byomkesh Bakshi was called and he instantly knows who can be the murderer.

Do you?

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Cannot See Riddle

Cannot See Riddle - 26 June

I am constantly in front of you however you cannot see me. Who am I?

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Picture Cut Riddle

Picture Cut Riddle - 25 June

How can you cut the below shape into exact two parts by adding a single(not necessarily a straight) line?

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Maria Room Riddle

Maria Room Riddle - 24 June

Maria enters a small room.
The Door Closes.
When the door open, Maria is in a larger room.


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Guards Camp Riddle

Guards Camp Riddle - 23 June

Two guards were guarding the camp.
Guard-1 was looking towards the south to make sure no threat is coming from the road.
Guard-2 was looking at the north to make sure no threat is coming from the top.
Suddenly Guard-1 ask the Guard-2 why he is smiling?

How Guard-1 knows that Guard-2 is smiling?

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One Eye Riddle

One Eye Riddle - 22 June

What have one eye but sill cannot see?

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11 Letter Word Puzzle

11 Letter Word Puzzle - 21 June

A = 1
B = 2
C = 3
Z = 26.

Based on above rule, you need to find an eleven letter word whose letter sum is equal to 52.

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Similar Sound Words Riddle

Similar Sound Words Riddle - 20 June

There are two words one resembles the "state of rest" and other words is related to "writing/reading material".

Can you name these two words which also sound similar?

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Maths Sets Riddle

Maths Sets Riddle - 19 June

According to the image below, which number represents the strong disciplined boys?

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Oscar Winning Movie Rebus

Oscar Winning Movie Rebus - 18 June

Can you identify the Oscar-winning movie from the rebus below?

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Fun With Equation Puzzle

Fun With Equation Puzzle - 17 June

Let us say there are two natural numbers "L" and "R".
We performed eight operations on these two numbers as

Step-1: L = R
Step-2: L x L = R x L
Step-3: L^2 - R^2 = LR - R^2
Step-4: (L + R)( L - R) = R(L - R)
Step-5: L + R = R
Step-6: R + R = R
Step-7: 2R = R
Step- 8: 2 = 1

What is wrong here?

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3 Letter Word Riddle

3 Letter Word Riddle - 16 June

Can you name the three letter word that can complete the below words ?

A) L O _ _ _ E
B) E D U _ _ _ E
C) _ _ _ E R
D) _ _ _ T L E

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Stupid Soccer Riddle

Stupid Soccer Riddle - 15 June

Why did Buffon take the goal with him after every Juventus match?

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Bejan Daruwalla QuickFire Riddle

Bejan Daruwalla QuickFire Riddle - 14 June

Bejan Daruwalla always sneezes before the rain. Daruwalla sneezes, Will it rain?

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Chemistry Weighing Riddle

Chemistry Weighing Riddle - 13 June

Dmitri was working on a mixture whose weight comprise of 90% liquid and 10% solid. The total weight of the mixture is 20 pound. After a while, Dmitri noticed that some of the liquid evaporated and now the liquid comprise just 50% of the weight.

What is the weight of the mixture now?

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Six Digit Number Riddle

Six Digit Number Riddle - 12 June

Can you find the largest six digit number whose sum is 43 and whose square is less than 5,00,000?

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Next Number Series Puzzle

Next Number Series Puzzle - 11 June

Find the next number in the series below?

6 18 270 72090 ?

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Hidden Animals Picture Puzzle

Hidden Animals Picture Puzzle - 10 June

Can you find the six hidden animals in the picture below?

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Same Time Trivia Riddle

Same Time Trivia Riddle - 9 June

Client Dempsey living in one of an East Coast state of the U.S was taking to Landon Donovan, who was living in the West Coast state of the U.S.

Dempsey: What time is it?
Donovan: Wow, It is the same time here.

How is this possible?

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Oscar Hollywood Movie Rebus

Oscar Hollywood Movie Rebus - 3 June

Can you identify the Oscar-winning movie from the rebus below?

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Disgusting Riddle

Disgusting Riddle - 2 June

Why is the longest human nose just 11 inches?

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Name The Country Puzzle

Name The Country Puzzle - 1 June

It begins where the time ends.
Its second is an expression of surprise.
Its third is a question.
Its fourth is urinate.
It ends with a drink.

Which country it is?

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