#1 - 16 Nodes Connectivity Riddle

Sixteen nodes are shown below and you need to connect them based on the following rule: Every node can be connected to the number of nodes inside them, i.e. the first node there is a value of 1 which indicates that the first node can connect to exactly one node only.Can you do it?

16 Nodes Connectivity Riddle

It can be done as illustrated below.

#2 - James Bond Decipher Code Riddle

James Bond needs to access a secret file locked in a locker that can be accessed only by a code. The code is about 7 characters and consists of numbers and letters. There was a label on the locker as "You force heaven to be empty".What was the code?>

James Bond Decipher Code Riddle

The code can be decoded to sound as "U four seven two B M T"

#3 - Awesome Next Series Puzzle

Can you find the last number in the series below?

voN luJ yaM raM ?


Step-A: Get input
voN luJ yaM raM ?

Step-B: Reverse input
? Mar May Jul Nov

Step-C: Get month numbers.
? 3 5 7 11

Step-D: Find the pattern
They all are prime numbers, therefore first number will be "2".

Final Step:
2nd month is Feb and reverse is beF

#4 - IPL Charity Cricket Riddle

For Charity, five IPL teams were competing in cricket where they face each other exactly once. After the tournament, the following is the point table.

DareDevils 6
SuperKings 5
Royals 4
Sunrisers 2
Riders ?

How many points did Riders end up with?


Possible matches
DareDevils vs SuperKings
DareDevils vs Royals
DareDevils vs Sunrisers
DareDevils vs Riders
SuperKings vs Royals
SuperKings vs Sunrisers
SuperKings vs Riders
Royals vs Sunrisers
Royals vs Riders
Sunrisers vs Riders

Therefore there is a total of 10 matches. After every match, 2 points were distributed between two teams as:
Case1: One of team wins:
Winning team will get 2 points.

Case2: Match ends up in a draw
Both teams will share a point.

Therefore 10*2 = 20 points should be the sum of all team points.

6 + 5 + 4 + 2 + ? =20
? = 3

#5 - Football 2014 World Cup Puzzle

You need to pick one entry from potA and one from potB to have a perfect match.Can you do it?

Football 2014 World Cup Puzzle

They are matched as shown in the picture below.

#6 - Cricket Balls Age Riddle

At Delhi cricket clubhouse, there were four kids(Kohli, Yuvraj, Pant, and Dhoni) with age 1,2,3 and 4 and have 1,2,3 and 4 cricket balls in different order.

We know the following facts:
Kohli has more cricket-balls that his age.
Dhoni is older than Yuvraj.
One child has the same number of cricket-balls as his age.
Pant has fewer cricket-balls than Dhoni.
Child aged 3 has two cricket-balls.

Pant is the youngest.

Can you determine the age of the children and the number of football they have?

Yuvraj is 3 and has two cricket-balls.
Pant is 1 and has one football.
Dhoni is 4 and has three cricket-balls.
Kohli is 2 and has four cricket-balls.

#7 - Maths Expression Riddle

By using the numbers 8,5 1 and 1 exactly once and with the help of basic operation (+, -, /, *), Can you form an expression with a value of 10?

Note: Parentheses are allowed


#8 - Complex Cryptic Triangle Puzzle

Can you solve the below complex cryptic triangle and deduce the value of xxx=?

Complex Cryptic Triangle Puzzle


== Triangle ==
The triangle is an equilateral triangle.
The value of E and L is determined by the position in the English alphabets i.e E = 5 & L = 12. Together they form number 512

As we know that the equilateral triangle has 3 equal sides, therefore
X^3 = 512
X = 8
XXX = 888

== X/3 = X ==
X is the 24th letter, therefore 24/3 = 8.

#9 - Stallone Jungle BackPack Riddle

Stallone was going for a day for a jungle trip. He asked his wife to pack something to eat, something to drink and something to burn if he feels cold in the jungle. When Stallone opens the backpack he found just one thing.

What was it?

A coconut.

Stallone can drink coconut water.
Stallone can eat coconut malai.
Stallone can burn the cover of the coconut.

#10 - Next Shape Puzzle

Which is the next shape?

Next Shape Puzzle

Pi = 3.141592653
All images are related by pi value i.e "The number of straight lines on each shape corresponds to the digits of pi."