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16 Nodes Connectivity Riddle

16 Nodes Connectivity Riddle - 9 July

Sixteen nodes are shown below and you need to connect them based on the following rule:
Every node can be connected to the number of nodes inside them, i.e. the first node there is a value of 1 which indicates that the first node can connect to exactly one node only.

Can you do it?

For Solution : Click Here


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  2. My ans. For this riddle is: connect as index finger indicated way-1👇2👇2👇3👉3👉2👆7👉2👆3👆3👈3 to (👈2&👇5)5to (👈2&👇7)finally slanting line connections as 5 to(2&3), 7 to (2,3,1&3) finally left corner 3 to 1.

  3. This is also called Spokes puzzle. Very interesting and logical to solve it.