#1 - Akbar Birbal Story Riddle

Trying to tease Birbal, Akbar gave him one gold coin and ask him to buy
* something for him to eat
* something for him to drink.
* something to feed the cows
* something to plant in the garden
and most important you need to buy only one thing.

What must birbal buy to silence Akbar?

* something for him to eat - watermelon
* something for him to drink - juice of watermelon
* something to feed the cows - Watermelon rinds
* something to plant in the garden - the seeds of watermelon

#2 - Difficult Story Riddle

The great emperor Akbar once ruled India. He was well known for his intelligence. But along with that, he was known for the Nine Gems in his court. One of the nine gems was Birbal, a quick witted and extremely intelligent man. The stories of his wit were widely popular.

Once a king ruling in a distant land heard of Birbal. To check his wit, he sent an invitation and called him to visit his land. Akbar allowed Birbal to go and he took off on the journey.

Upon reaching that kings kingdom, he was welcomed with flowers. He was then escorted to the palace of the king. Upon entering the palace, Birbal found that there were six people sitting in front of him adorning the same robe. They were also lookalike and it was hard to judge who the real king was.

After a couple of minutes, Birbal approached one of them and bowed in front of him greeting him.

That was the real king. How did Birbal know who was the real king ?

Difficult Story Riddle

When the king asked Birbal, he replied, "Your Majesty, all the other people were looking at you closely to imitate you adequately. While, you were calmly sitting with your composed demeanor. This is because you did not need to look for any support however the commoners always look for their kings support."

This impressed the King a lot. He was showered with gifts and jewels. When Birbal returned back to his kingdom, he made Akbar proud.

#3 - Akbar Birbal Riddle

Once while in his court, King Akbar asked Birbal to write something on a wall that makes one sad when read in good times and makes one happy when read in sad times.

He took only a few moment and wrote something that fit the requirements. What did he write?

He write:
The time will pass soon.

If you read this line in happy times, you will be sad because you would want the happy time to last forever.
If you read it in sad times, you will feel happy, as you will feel optimistic about the future.

#4 - Short Story Birbal Riddle

A man was convicted of a minor offense in Akbar court. Akbar decided to give him a chance. He asked him to give a statement. If the statement is true, he will be killed by lions and if it is false, he will be killed by trampling of wild elephants.

The convicted person requested help from Birbal and since the crime was not a big one, Birbal decided to help him. Whatever Birbal suggested impressed Kabir and he let the convicted person go.

What did Birbal suggest to the person?

The statement was "I will be killed by trampling of wild elephants."

Now if the statement is true, he should be killed by lions but then the statement will become false.
If the statement is false, he will be killed by trampling elephants, which will make the statement true.

#5 - Akbar Birbal Tale

Emperor Akbar once ruled over India. He was a wise and intelligent ruler, and he had in his court the Nine Gems, his nine advisors, who were each known for a particular skill. One of these Gems was Birbal, known for his wit and wisdom. The story below is one of the examples of his wit. Do you have it for you to find out the answer? A farmer and his neighbor once went to Emperor Akbar"s court with a complaint. "Your Majesty, I bought a well from him," said the farmer pointing to his neighbor, "and now he wants me to pay for the water." "That"s right, your Majesty," said the neighbor. "I sold him the well but not the water!" ?The Emperor asked Birbal to settle the dispute. How did Birbal solve the dispute?

Akbar Birbal Tale

Didn"t you say that you sold your well to this farmer?" Birbal asked the neighbor. "So, the well belongs to him now, but you have kept your water in his well. Is that right? Well, in that case you will have to pay him a rent or take your water out at once."
The neighbor realized that he was outwitted. He quickly apologized and gave up his claim.