#1 - Hobbit Riddle

Its something that each of us devours,
Not just us but birds, beats, trees and flowers,
Frets iron and nibbles steel,
Toil hard stones to meal,
Exterminates king, collapse town,
And blows the mountains down.

Hobbit Riddle


#2 - Where Am I Riddle

I am in a land where thirty men and two women were dressed in classic black and white dress.
They began to fight as soon as any of them moves.

Where am I ?

Where Am I Riddle

In a Chess board

#3 - What Am I Problem

I have forests, but no trees.
I have lakes, but no water.
I have roads, but no cars.

What Am I?

What Am I Problem

A Map

#4 - Easy What Am I Puzzle

I can sizzle like bacon,
I am made with an egg,
I have plenty of backbone, but lack a good leg,
I peel layers like onions, but still remain whole,
I can be long, like a flagpole, yet fit in a hole.

Easy What Am I Puzzle

A Snake

#5 - Who Am I Puzzle

I can be made.
I can be cracked.
I can be told.
I can be played.

Who am i ?

Who Am I Puzzle


#6 - Tricky What Am I Riddle

I am a white box having no key or any lid.
Yet there is a golden treasure inside it.

What Am I ?

Tricky What Am I Riddle

An Egg

#7 - Simple What Am I Puzzle

I have been blessed with four wings but I am unfortunate as I cant fly.
I express no emotions.
I am found on the exact spot every time you look.
I keep toiling away with a little sound.

Do you know what I am ?

Simple What Am I Puzzle

I am a windmill.

#8 - Hobbit Puzzle

It comprises of roots which nobody sees,
Much taller than those trees,
Up and up it goes,
Still it never grows?

Hobbit Puzzle


#9 - What Am I Looking For

I am a ten letters word
The first four letters has power to rule,
Next four letter can be eaten.
Next three letter represents a lady.
I can fly as well

what am i looking for ?

What Am I Looking For


#10 - What Word Riddle

Pronounced as one letter,
And written with three,
Two letters there are,
And two only in me.
I am double, I am single,
I am black blue and gray,
I am read from both ends,
And the same either way.

What Word Riddle