#1 - Simple Trick Question

There is a very small room in which four cats are sitting on the four corners. Opposite to each cat are three cats and at each cat's tail, is one more cat.

How many cats are sitting in that room all together?

Simple Trick Question

Four cats.
We told you that the room is very small. Each cat is sitting near the tail of the cat in the adjacent corner

#2 - Marbles Puzzle

There is a box full of marbles,
all but two are blue,
all but two are green,
and all but two are red.

How many marbles are in the box ?

Marbles Puzzle

There are 3 marbles (1 blue, 1 green, and 1 red).

#3 - Logical Thinking Riddle

I have 100 coins in my wallet.

What is the minimum number of coin(s), i would be required in order to make sure each coin touched exactly three other coins.

Logical Thinking Riddle


3 placed flat on the table in a triangle(touching each other) and put the fourth one on top of them in the middle.

#4 - Tricky Logic Problem

Sahir enters the bank he aim to rob and finds Jai standing inside armless. He aims a gun at him and asks him the code for the safe. Jai says, 'The code is different every day but if you hurt me, you will never get to know the code'.

Sahir pins him down and ties him with a rope. He then insert the code of the safe and easily takes all the money with him.

How did he know the code ?

Tricky Logic Problem

Jai told him that the code is DIFFERENT every day. Different is the code to the safe.

#5 - Smart Logic Riddle

A sea diver is a real show off.
He showed everyone that he can hold his breath under water for 15 minutes.

I went to the diver and told him that i can be under water for double the time i.e 30 minutes.
He responded that he will give me 1000$, if i would be able to do it.

I won the 1000$.

what did i do ?

Smart Logic Riddle

I filled a glass full of water and held it over my head for 30 minutes.

#6 - Cross The Desert Logical Riddle

Mr. Rawat wishes to cross a the Sahara desert.
It requires 6 days to cross.
One man can only carry enough food and water for 4 days.

What is the fewest number of other men required to help carry enough food for Mr. Rawat to cross ?

Cross The Desert Logical Riddle


Say 2 helpers are A & B
A food B food Rawat's Food
End of Day 1 : 1 4 4
Now 'A' will head back

End of Day 2 : N/A 2 4
Now 'B' will head back

Now Mr. Rawat have 4 day food :-)

#7 - Sherlock Riddle

Sherlock Homes was challenge to make a pre-drawn line smaller without erasing it. He did it in fractions of seconds. How?

Sherlock Riddle

He drew a long line adjacent to the pre drawn line making the first line smaller.

#8 - Tricky Password Teaser

There was some system error in a mailing website because of which passwords of some clients got changed.
Here is a conversation between a client and mailing-website executive person.

Client : My password is altered.
Client : I am not able to logged-in.
Executive : The password is distinct this time and it got eight letters , out of which two are same of your previous password.
Client: thanks , now i am able to logged-in.

Whats the client old and new passwords ?

Tricky Password Teaser

Old password : distinct , New Password : altered :p

#9 - Card Riddle

I have mixed 13 decks of cards.
What is the minimum number of cards must be taken out from the above mixed cards to guarantee at least one 'four of a kind'.

Card Riddle

13 x 3 + 1 = 40


The number of decks is irrelevant i.e any number of decks can be mixed and still the answer would be same.
Any card drawn will be a Ace,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,Jack,Queen or King, so there are 13 possibilities each time a card is drawn.
The fastest and luckiest way would need just 4 cards of the same kind.

The slowest way is our solution as it will guarantee a four of a kind.
i.e draw 3 of each kind =>39 cards will be fetched. now next card will guarantee 4 of a kind.

#10 - Water Jugs Problem

Six jugs are in a row.
The first three are filled with coke, and the last three are empty.
By moving only one glass, can you arrange them so that the full and the empty glasses alternate?

Move and then pour all coke from second glass to fifth glass.