#1 - Easy Maths Puzzle

Sadaf is selling fruits at brain teasers land.
She sell grapes at $30, Dates costs $25, and a Wolfberry costs $45
At what price does she sell fig ?

Easy Maths Puzzle


Cost of each alphabet is 5

#2 - Easy Math Problem

In a strange city , there are just 2 houses.

If one person from house1 goes to house2, then the population of house2 is twice the population of house1.
While if one person from house2 goes to house1, then the population of house2 is same as the population of house1.

what the population of each house ?

Easy Math Problem

House1-> 5
House2-> 7

#3 - Simple Maths Puzzle

In a certain country ½ of 5 = 3. If the same proportion holds, what is the value of 1/3 of 10 ?

Simple Maths Puzzle

5/2 = 3 and 10/3 = x
(10/3)/(5/2) = 20/15 = 4/3
So x/3 = 4/3

#4 - Math Puzzle Kids

Anmol had a bag containing colorful marbles. The colors are red, green and blue. The total number of marbles he had in his bag is 60. There are 4 times as many red marbles as green marbles. 6 more blue marbles than green marbles. How many marbles of each color did Anmol have?

Math Puzzle Kids

Lets take R as red, G as green and B as blue.
R + G + B = 60
As there are 4 times red marbles than green marbles, then
R = 4G
There are 6 more blue marbles than green marbles, so
B = G + 6
R + G + B = 60
4G + G + G + 6 = 60
6G + 6 = 60
6G = 60 – 6
6G = 54
G = 54/6 = 9
R = 4G = 4 x 9 = 36
B = G + 6 = 9 + 6 =15
Finally there are 9 green marbles, 36 red marbles and 15 blue marbles

#5 - Easy Math Riddle

When asked how old he was, Mayank replied, 'In 2 years I will be twice as old as I was five years ago.' How old is he ?

Easy Math Riddle

12 years

#6 - kpit cummins Aptitude Interview Logic Qu

Product of three consecutive numbers are 7980.
Then the sum of these consecutive numbers would be ?

kpit cummins Aptitude Interview Logic Qu


#7 - Marbles Puzzle

There is a box full of marbles,
all but two are blue,
all but two are green,
and all but two are red.

How many marbles are in the box ?

Marbles Puzzle

There are 3 marbles (1 blue, 1 green, and 1 red).

#8 - Number Trick Riddle

Sonal asked the class to see if they could find the sum of the first 50 odd numbers. As everyone settled down to their addition, Lavesh ran to her and said, 'The sum is 2,500.' Ms. Sonal thought, 'Lucky guess,' and gave him the task of finding the sum of the first 75 odd numbers. Within 20 seconds, Lavesh was back with the correct answer

How does Lavesh find the sum so quickly and what is the answer ??

The following pattern holds: The sum is equal to n x n, when n is the number of consecutive odd numbers, starting with 1. For example, the sum of the first 3 odd numbers is equal to 3 x 3, or 9; the sum of the first 4 odd numbers is equal to 4 x 4, or 16; the sum of the first 5 odd numbers is equal to 5 x 5, or 25; and so on.

#9 - Logic Riddle

An infinite number of mathematicians are standing behind a bar. The first asks the barman for half a pint of beer, the second for a quarter pint, the third an eighth, and so on. How many pints of beer will the barman need to fulfill all mathematicians' wishes?

Logic Riddle

Just 1

#10 - Solve Maths Equation Problem

Find the value of a by solving the maths equation in the picture below

Solve Maths Equation Problem

2(remember bodmas)