#1 - Funny Answer to This Riddle

Right now Mum is 21 years older then her child In 6 years her child will be 5 times younger than she. Where is daddy?

5*(X+6) = (X+6)+21
4*(X+6) = 21
X+6 = 5.25
X = -0.75

So daddy is at top of mom

#2 - Maths Joke Puzzle

If you had a pizza with crust thickness 'a' and radius 'z', what's the volume of the pizza?

Maths Joke Puzzle

pi * z * z * a

#3 - Tricky Maths Question

What do you get if you add 2 to 200 four times?

Tricky Maths Question

202 , 202 , 202 , 202

#4 - Short Maths Riddle

If 5 Rats eat 5 cheese in 5 seconds.

How many seconds would it take 4 Rats to eat 4 cheese ?

Short Maths Riddle

5 seconds

#5 - Fast Response Maths Problem

Manish has to secure 40% marks to pass his B.tech final exams.
He got just 40 marks and failed by 40-marks.

What is the maximum marks ?

Fast Response Maths Problem


To pass the exam manish needs 40 + 40 = 80 marks.

=> (80/40) *100 = 200

#6 - Tricky Maths Riddle

I know a number which is spelled in an alphabetical order.
Do you ?

Tricky Maths Riddle


#7 - Riddle for Mathematician

How can you write nineteen in a manner that if we take out one, it becomes twenty?

Riddle for Mathematician

XIX. On taking one i.e. I, we get XX i.e. 20

#8 - Hard Thinking Riddle

Which is the smallest number that you can write using all the vowels exactly once.?

Hard Thinking Riddle

sIx thOUsAnd twEnty (6020)

#9 - Symbol Equation Riddle

Use only one mathamatical symbols and all numbers (0-9) to get sum of 99

Symbol Equation Riddle


#10 - Dollar Cent Maths Riddle

I went to the book shop and spent one half of the money that was in my purse.

When I came out, I found that I had as many cents as I had dollars and half as many dollars as I had cents when I went in. Find the money in my purse when I entered the store.

Dollar Cent Maths Riddle

I have Dollar 99.98 in my purse when I entered the store.