#1 - Number Fact Puzzle

The square of the number 111,111,111 is amazing.Whats that ?

Number Fact Puzzle

12,345,678,987,654,321 Amazing :-)

#2 - Short Math Riddle

Can you convert number zero(0) into a positive number using just one mathematical operator ?

Short Math Riddle


#3 - Tricky Algebra Sum Riddle

Take number 1000 and then add 20 to it.
Now add 1000 one more time.
Now add 30.
Now add 1000 one more time.
Now add 40.
Now add 1000 one more time.
Now add 10.

What is the total?

Tricky Algebra Sum Riddle

some people might guess 5000

#4 - Logical Number Problem

According to number theory of mathematics , a perfect number is a positive integer that is equal to the sum of its positive divisors excluding the number itself.
For example :
6 => 1+2+3
28 =>1+2+4+7+14

I know one more number that is a perfect number and contains not more than 2 digits (i.e 496 won't be consider as it contains 3 digits).

Find the number ?

Logical Number Problem

12=> 1+2+3+6

cannot be 1 (as number cannot be included)

#5 - Professor Riddle

A professor thinks of two consecutive numbers between 1 and 10.
'A' knows the 1st number and 'B' knows the second number

A: I do not know your number.
B: Neither do I know your number.
A: Now I know.

There are four solution for this.What are they ??


#6 - Mathematics Problem

I want to fill my bucket using both cold and hot water.
I have two taps for both cold and hot water. The hot water tap fills the bucket in exact 6 hours and cold water tap fills the bucket in exact 4 hours.
I turn both of them simultaneously but i forgot to turn off another tap which remove the water out of bucket. This tap can empty the bucket in 12 hours.

How Long will it take to fill the bucket ?

Mathematics Problem

3 hours

Explanation :
(1/6 + 1/4 - 1/12) ^ (-1)
= (1/3)^(-1) = 3

#7 - Sachin Red Ferrari Number Riddle

Sachin Tendulkar bough a red ferrari with a strange 5 digit numbered plate.The water image of the number is 78633 more than my car number.All the digits of sachin's car number are distinct.

What is the original number on sachin's number plate?

Sachin Red Ferrari Number Riddle

Water image is 89601

#8 - Distance Puzzle

Two friends decide to get together; so they start riding bikes towards each other. They plan to meet halfway. Each is riding at 6 MPH. They live 36 miles apart. One of them has a pet carrier pigeon and it starts flying the instant the friends start traveling. The pigeon flies back and forth at 18 MPH between the 2 friends until the friends meet.

How many miles does the pigeon travel?

It takes 3 hours for the friends to meet; so the pigeon flies for 3 hours at 18 MPH = 54 miles

#9 - Maths Number Puzzle

Can you make four (4) nines (9) equal 100 ?

Maths Number Puzzle

99+9/9 = 100

#10 - Maths Percentage Riddle

I guess 76.8% readers will like this riddle.

What's the least number of people should read this post ?

Maths Percentage Riddle

125 people

96/125 = 76.8