#1 - Comedy Problem

What did baby corn say to his Mom?

Comedy Problem

Where is pop-corn.

#2 - One Line Puzzle

Why is a river so rich ?

One Line Puzzle

Because it has 2 banks

#3 - Funny Trick Riddle

The Indian football team was given a cigar lighter. Why ?

Funny Trick Riddle

Because they lost all the matches.

#4 - Funny Kids Problem

Which is the rope you never skip with ?

Funny Kids Problem


#5 - Fun Humor Riddle

My grandmother teeth are similar to stars. why ?

Fun Humor Riddle

Both come out at night

#6 - Humour Riddle

I am sure no one can two things in dinner. what are they ?

Humour Riddle

Breakfast and Lunch :-)

#7 - New Year Riddle

Why did Navjot Singh sidhu put the new January calendar in the freezer

New Year Riddle

Because he want his new year to start in a cool way

#8 - Funny Christmas Riddle

What do lions sing at Christmas ?

Funny Christmas Riddle

They sing 'Jungle Bells!;

#9 - Most Stupid Question

What can you serve, but never eat?

Most Stupid Question

"A Tennis Ball" Or a "Badminton shuttle"

#10 - Short Fun Riddle

Who can jump higher than the Mount Everest ?

Me, you and him and her and everyone :-) :-)
Mountains cant jump.