#1 - What Are We

We can be boring,
Or interesting.
We can be long,
Or short.
We can have pictures,
Or just words.
Many love us,
But many also hate us.

What are we?

What Are We


#2 - What Am I

Look at me. I can bring a smile to your face, A tear to your eye, Or even a thought to your mind. But, I cant be seen. What am I?

What Am I

The Past

#3 - Simple What Am I Riddle

I am in the beginning of the earth.
I am at the end of the time.
I appear two times in a week.
I appear once in a year.

What Am I ?

Simple What Am I Riddle

Letter 'E'

#4 - Who Am I Poem Riddle

Simultaneously I go up, I go down.
I go up towards the beautiful sky and down toward the green ground.
I am present tense.
I am past tense too
Children loves me.

Who Am i ?

See Saw

#5 - Poem Who Am I Riddle

I have a mouth but i dont eat.
I have a bank but have no money.
I have a bed but i dont sleep.
I wave but have no hands.

Who Am I ?

Poem Who Am I Riddle

A River

#6 - What Am I Problem

I have forests, but no trees.
I have lakes, but no water.
I have roads, but no cars.

What Am I?

What Am I Problem

A Map

#7 - Murder Mystery Humour Riddle

A donkey behind another donkey
I'm behind that second donkey
But there is a whole nation behind me

It is a murder you can describe in a word.

Ass ass i nation

#8 - Sound Series Pattern

Can you figure out the logic I used to decide the order of the following words: gun, shoe, spree, door, hive, kicks, heaven, gate, line, den

Each word rhymes with its numeric position in the list. (e.g. 'gun' rhymes with 'one', etc.)

#9 - Comedy Problem

What did baby corn say to his Mom?

Comedy Problem

Where is pop-corn.

#10 - Comic Problem

Why did Mayank Kapoor keep his trumpet in the fridge?

Comic Problem

Because he like playing cool music