#1 - count the number of squares

Can you count the number of squares in the figure below

count the number of squares


#2 - Counting Chess Squares Puzzle

How many squares are there in a chess board ?

Counting Chess Squares Puzzle


#3 - Easy Matchstick Puzzle

In the given figure, you can see that four match sticks are used to form a square. Can you form five squares by using six matches?

Easy Matchstick Puzzle

Simple answer :=)

#4 - Count Number Of Squares

Can you count number of squares in a figure below ?

Count Number Of Squares

30 squares.

Assuming smallest square side is 1 cm, then

Total number of squares with side 1 cm: 16
Total number of squares with side 2 cm: 9
Total number of squares with side 3 cm: 4
Total number of squares with side 4 cm: 1

Adding 16+9+4+1 = 30

#5 - Square Count Puzzle

Can you count the number of squares that have been placed in the given picture?

Square Count Puzzle

There are eighteen squares in total. To make it easy for you, we have colored the squares in the center (six squares). Now, you can easily count the rest of the squares which amounts to twelve.

#6 - Hard Square Count

Can you calculate the total number of square in the given figure?

Hard Square Count

The total number of squares are 24.Refer to the attached picture to know the insight about how we calculated them.

#7 - How Many Matchsticks Do You See

How many squares do you see in matchstick puzzle belwo ?

How Many Matchsticks Do You See


1/2 X 1/2 matchsticks squares: 4
1X1 matchsticks squares : 17
2X2 matchsticks squares : 9
3X3 matchsticks squares : 4
4X4 matchsticks squares : 1

#8 - Chess Puzzle

How many squares, of any size, can you find on this chess board which do not contain a Rook?

Chess Puzzle


There are 62 squares of size 1x1.
There are 41 squares of size 2x2.
There are 18 squares of size 3x3.
There are 6 squares of size 4x4.
There is 1 square of size 5x5.

A total of 62 + 41 + 18 + 6 + 1 = 128.

#9 - Count The Squares Puzzle

Can you find out the number of squares in the given picture?

Count The Squares Puzzle

There are 12 squares in the picture.

The trick to find it would be drawing diagonals. We know that the sides of a square are parallel and thus, the diagonals should be parallel as well. Let us begin with the outer most rectangle. See the picture. The yellow lines are diagonals drawn for reference.


You can make out four squares in the image.


Now see the next image. You can make out a total of 8 squares - 3 blue, 3 green and 2 red. There are 4 other rectangles in the figure but they cant be square as their diagonal is not parallel with the yellow lines we drew for reference.

Thus, total squares = 4 + 8 = 12.

#10 - Count The Squares Riddle

Find the number of squares in the given picture.

Count The Squares Riddle

There are 17 squares in the given picture.
If the smallest square is of 1 unit,
Then there are 6 squares of 1 unit side, 8 squares with side 2 unit, 2 squares with ide 3 unit and 1 square with side 4 unit.