#1 - Funny Rebus Puzzle

What Word is represented by this rebus.?

Funny Rebus Puzzle


#2 - Decode The Picture Puzzle

Can you decode this picture and tell me what it says ?

Decode The Picture Puzzle

I Ate Some Pie and It Was Delicious

#3 - Picture Puzzle

What is the word or phrase?

Picture Puzzle


#4 - Easy Movie Rebus Riddle

Identify the movie name ?

Easy Movie Rebus Riddle

Pirates of Caribbean

#5 - Hard Word Plexer

Which word does the below Plexer means ?

Hard Word Plexer


#6 - Holiday Rebus Puzzle

Which holiday are we talking about ?

Holiday Rebus Puzzle

He(he-man) + low(down array) + E +N(no)

#7 - Movie Rebus Puzzle

There is a movie name hidden in the picture that is attached with this question. Can you find out which movie is it?

Movie Rebus Puzzle

Need for Speed
If you have studied mathematics, you must be knowing that ds/dt refers to speed. Thus the movie title is : Need for Speed.

#8 - Hard Popular Rebus

Solve below rebus puzzle ?>

Hard Popular Rebus

3 blind mice {no i}

#9 - Photo Plexer Puzzle

Can you solve the photo plexer logic ?

Photo Plexer Puzzle

Nice Personality (n + ice + Purse on ality)

#10 - The Month Rebus

Can you guess the name of month by looking the below rebus ?

The Month Rebus

JulyCut the Image horizontal and look into the bottom image you will get the below image.