#1 - I had 4 eggs Riddle

If I had 4 eggs
A thief gives me 3
My farm rooster lays 5 eggs
How many eggs do I have?

I had 4 eggs Riddle


If I had 4 eggs -- Its just imagination.
A thief gives me 3 -- I go three eggs.
My farm rooster lays 5 eggs -- A Rooster can't lay eggs.

#2 - Deaf Person Flower Brain Teaser

A deaf man came into a store to pick up flowers he ordered for his beloved wife. How did he explain that he needs to pick up the flowers that he ordered before?

Deaf  Person Flower Brain Teaser

The man is dead and not mute.

#3 - Lady Seal Common Riddle

What is a similarity between the front of a Lady and the back of the seal?

Lady Seal Common Riddle

The Letter L

#4 - Count People Brain Teaser

How many people are here?

Count People Brain Teaser


#5 - Look at 1 and say 5 Brain Teaser

when do we look at 1 and say 5?

Look at 1 and say 5 Brain Teaser

In a Clock

#6 - Girl Riddle

You see a girl sitting but you cannot sit at her place even if she stands and leaves up.

Where is the girl sitting?

Girl Riddle

The girl sitting on your lap.

#7 - UnReal Person Riddle

Identify the person who is not real?

UnReal Person Riddle

The boy in the center as he has no shadow.

#8 - Elevator Calling Brain Teaser

A famous hotel has seven floors. Five people are living on the ground floor and each floor has three more people on it than the previous one.

Which floor calls the elevator the most?

Elevator Calling Brain Teaser

Ground Floor.

Any person staying on the floor other than the ground floor would have to call the elevator to reach their respective floors. So, the ground floor calls the elevator way above the individual floors.

#9 - Weather Prediction Brain Teaser

If it's raining at 12 a.m.

Could you expect sunny weather in 72 hours?

Weather Prediction Brain Teaser

No, because it will be night again in 72 hours, and there can be no sun in the sky.

#10 - 3 Watermelons Trick Equation

Select three watermelons to get a sum of 30?

3 Watermelons Trick Equation

13 + 11 + 6 = 30
(We can get 6 by reversing the 9)