#1 - Challenging Puzzle

Outside a room there are three light switches. One of switch is connected to a light bulb inside the room.
Each of the three switches can be either 'ON' or 'OFF'.

You are allowed to set each switch the way you want it and then enter the room(note: you can enter the room only once)

Your task is to then determine which switch controls the bulb ??

Challenging Puzzle

Set the first switches on for abt 10min, and then switch on the second switch and then enter the room.
Three cases are possible
1.Bulb is on => second switch is the ans
2.Bulb is off and on touching bulb , you will find bulb to be warm
=>1st switch is the ans.
3.Bulb is off and on touching second bulb , you will find bulb to be normal(not warm)
=>3rd bulb is the ans.

#2 - Monday Cipher Puzzle

Can you decipher the following common phrase?


What goes up must come down.

#3 - Rebus Word Puzzle

What does this say?

Rebus Word Puzzle

Tennis shoes

#4 - Famous Elevator Puzzle

A man who lives on the tenth floor takes the elevator down to the first floor every morning and goes to work. In the evening, when he comes back; on a rainy day, or if there are other people in the elevator, he goes to his floor directly. Otherwise, he goes to the seventh floor and walks up three flights of stairs to his apartment.
Can you explain why?

The man is a of short stature. He can't reach the upper elevator buttons, but can push is with his umbrella.

#5 - Professor Riddle

A professor thinks of two consecutive numbers between 1 and 10.
'A' knows the 1st number and 'B' knows the second number

A: I do not know your number.
B: Neither do I know your number.
A: Now I know.

There are four solution for this.What are they ??


#6 - Science Murder Riddle

A man was going to bleach his socks because they had gotten muddy the day before. As he was pouring the bleach into the washing machine, he spilled some on the floor. He got some cleaning fluid and mopped it up with a rag. Minutes later he was dead. What killed him?

Science Murder Riddle

When you mix bleach and ammonia [found in most cleaning products] it creates a deadly gas that can kill.

#7 - Difficult Riddle

What does this say? XLR8

Difficult Riddle


#8 - Hard Photo Puzzle

What is the word or phrase??

Hard Photo Puzzle

Stand up and be counted

#9 - What Am I Puzzle

If you throw me from the window,
I will leave a grieving wife.
Bring me back, but in the door, and
You'll see someone giving life!

What am I?

What Am I Puzzle

The letter 'n'.

wiNdow - widow
door - doNor

#10 - Next Number In The Series Hardest

What is the next number in this series?
6, 14, 36, 98, 276, ?

Next Number In The Series Hardest


The nth term in the series is given by the sum of x^n for x in the range 1 to 3, i.e. 1^n + 2^n + 3^n.

Thus the first term is 1^1 + 2^1 + 3^1 = 1 + 2 + 3 = 6,
the second term is 1^2 + 2^2 + 3^2 = 1 + 4 + 9 = 14,
and so on.

The sixth term is then 1^6 + 2^6 + 3^6 = 1 + 64 + 729 = 794.