#1 - School What Am I Riddle

I have got three eyes and all are in a straight line.
When my red eye opens, everything freezes.

What Am I ?

School What Am I Riddle

A Stoplight

#2 - Who Am I Poem Riddle

Simultaneously I go up, I go down.
I go up towards the beautiful sky and down toward the green ground.
I am present tense.
I am past tense too
Children loves me.

Who Am i ?

See Saw

#3 - What Am I Question

What has one letter and starts with an E?

What Am I Question

An Envolope

#4 - One Line What am I Riddle

I have hands but i cannot clap. What am I ?

A Clock

#5 - What Am I Problem

I have forests, but no trees.
I have lakes, but no water.
I have roads, but no cars.

What Am I?

What Am I Problem

A Map

#6 - T Riddle

I start with T.
I end with T and I am full of T.
Who am I?

T Riddle

Tea Pot (full of T(tea)

#7 - Short Riddle

There is something which is always coming but never arrives ?


#8 - Who Am I Question

My owner carried me into the dark room.
They set me on fire.
I wept a lot.
And finally my head was cut off.

Who am i ?


#9 - Who Am I Puzzle

I can be made.
I can be cracked.
I can be told.
I can be played.

Who am i ?

Who Am I Puzzle


#10 - Pattern Riddle

What is represented by this BrainBat Pattern?


Pattern Riddle