#1 - Count Triangles In Diagram Problem

How many triangles are there in the diagram below ?

Count Triangles In Diagram Problem


#2 - Easy Math Rebus Puzzle

what does the below math rebus puzzle means ?

Easy Math Rebus Puzzle

ground floor

#3 - Picture Number Pattern Sequence

Whats the next number in the below number sequence pattern.

Picture Number Pattern Sequence

its like you call it out

one one => 11
two one => 21
and so on

#4 - Maths Picture Area Puzzle

The below figure consists of a rectangle and the numbers labeled over the top represents the area of that particular shaded region.

Calculate the area of the green region labeled as '?'

Maths Picture Area Puzzle

The White triangle is similar to the Red triangle
As ratio of areas = ratio of bases when height is same,
Ratio of sides is 2:3
White triangle = 9/4 * Red triangle = 9/2

Thus the Green Region = 5.5 units.

#5 - Maths Rebus Riddle

What does this mathematical rebus means ?

Maths Rebus Riddle


#6 - Missing Number In The Picture

Find the missing number in the picture below ?

Missing Number In The Picture

30(sum of corner of triangle)

#7 - Mathematical Rebus Riddle

What does the below mathematical rebus means ?

Mathematical Rebus Riddle

For a change

#8 - Math Equation Picture Problem

Solve the mathematical equation in the picture below.

Math Equation Picture Problem


#9 - Question Mark Replace Problem

Can you replace the question mark with the correct number ?

Question Mark Replace Problem



#10 - Count The Triangles Puzzle

Can You count the number of triangles in the picture below

Count The Triangles Puzzle