#1 - Funny Rebus Puzzle

What Word is represented by this rebus.?

Funny Rebus Puzzle


#2 - Decode The Picture Puzzle

Can you decode this picture and tell me what it says ?

Decode The Picture Puzzle

I Ate Some Pie and It Was Delicious

#3 - count the number of squares

Can you count the number of squares in the figure below

count the number of squares


#4 - Famous Logical Picture Grid Puzzle

You are given 16 witch hats. The hats are divided in four different colors – red, blue, green and yellow. Every color has been assigned to four hats. Now each of the hat will be glued with a label of an arithmetic sign – ‘+’, ‘-‘, ‘x’ or ‘/’. But you can label one sign only once on one color. In such an arrangement, the hats can be uniquely defined by its color and symbol.

Can you arrange all the 16 hats in a 4x4 grid in a fashion that no two rows and columns have a repetition of color or sign?
We have arranged four hats in the below picture to assist you.

Famous Logical Picture Grid Puzzle


x + - /
- / x +
/ - + x
+ x / -

#5 - UK Logical Picture Riddle

Can you identify the direction in which this bus is moving; left or right?

Hint: The bus is moving on the roads of UK.

UK Logical Picture Riddle

The bus is moving left because we cannot see the door of the bus in this picture.

#6 - Science Picture Riddle

When monkey rotate the gear, which mark will be hit 1 or 2 ?

Science Picture Riddle


As we know the gears in contact will always going to rotate in the opposite directions.

#7 - Join Star Puzzle

In the figure, you can see nine stars. What you have to do is connect all of them by using just four line and without lifting your hand i.e. in a continuous flow. Can you find a method to achieve it?

Join Star Puzzle

To do this, you needed to think out of the box. If you see the answer figure, you will understand what we are talking about.

#8 - Logic Puzzle Using Matchsticks

In the picture that is attached with this question, you can find a square which comprises of four little squares inside it. Consider this square to be made with matchsticks. You have to remove two matchsticks such that only two squares remain instead of five.How will you do it ?

Logic Puzzle Using Matchsticks

The picture is self-explanatory. You have to remove the matchsticks that are marked with red. And then, you will have just two squares left.

#9 - Whatsapp Murder Mystery Puzzle

A guy was away from her wife for six months. When he returned back home, he gave a surprise to his wife who had no idea he was coming. To capture how happy she was, he clicked her picture that very moment. After a few days, the guy killed his wife. When the prosecutor asked him the reason, he said that his wife was cheating on him and this he killed her. On being asked for proof, he gave him this photo.Can you find out what the husband found out in this picture that made him believe his wife was cheating on him?

Whatsapp Murder Mystery Puzzle

If you look closely towards the right portion of the image where the girl has put her phone on charging, you will notice a man hiding behind the bed. An eye is clearly visible along with a slight part of his face.

#10 - Tic Tac Toe Puzzle

You all must have played Tic Tac Toe in your childhood. Lets put your skills to test. Can you place six X (crosses) in a Tic Tac Toe board without making three in a row in any way ?

Tic Tac Toe Puzzle

Place the crosses at1,11,22,12,33,23,3Now, you have six crosses without making three in a row.