#1 - Which teacher is dead Brain Teaser

Which teacher is dead?

Which teacher is dead Brain Teaser

The girl in the red shirt.
As she is eating a sandwich that looks like it's years old, and that might kill her.

#2 - Find the Ghost In The Picture

Can you find the ghost in the picture?

Find the Ghost In The Picture

The Lady with no legs is the ghost.

#3 - Theft in grocery store - Detective Conan Riddle

There were three thefts in the grocery store in the month of February, May, and July 2020. The security camera recorded the video and the four suspects were in every video as shown in the picture below.

The detective Conan tried to have a closer look and suddenly notice one detail and everything became clear.

What did he notice?
Who was the thief?

Theft in grocery store - Detective Conan Riddle

The pregnant lady.

The detective Conan noticed that the pregnant women look 6-7 months pregnant in January, May, and even in July. So that pregnant lady is the thief we are looking for and must be faking her pregnancy.

#4 - Hercule Poirot Murder Riddle

A mad serial killer kidnaps people and forces them to play the game of 2 pills with them, In this game, there are pills in the table and one of them is normal pill while the other one is deadly poisonous.
The victim will choose one pill and the killer will pick the other pill and both simultaneously will swallow the pill with water.
victim dies every time.

One day the serial killer kidnaps the Hercule Poirot and forces him to play the same game with him.

Poirot solves the mystery of the two pills and remains alive.


Hercule Poirot Murder Riddle

The poison was not in pills but in water.

#5 - Lateral Thinking Suicide Train Riddle

After undergoing a successful eye operation, A blind girl has just boarded a train to her home. The doctor asked her to open the bandages after 3 hours. On her train journey, she opened the bandages and within a fraction of the time she commits suicide by jumping off the train.

Though her operation was successful, Why did she commit suicide?

Lateral Thinking Suicide Train Riddle

When the blind girl opened her bandages, the train was passing through the dark tunnel. She thought she was still blind and hence she committed suicide.

#6 - Bank Thieves Brain Teaser

The BlahBlah bank of London is abducted by the robbers. The head of the robbers asked the cashier to empty their money vault to them and when suddenly cashier got a call from her father. To avoid any suspicion, the robber asked the cashier to pick the call and reply her father in the shortest manner possible.

The cashier told her father "Is there an emergency father, Call me when you are free and I will help you in your furnishing" and then the cashier hung up the phone.

After 10 minutes, police arrived at the crime scene.

How did the police know about the robbery?

Bank Thieves Brain Teaser

On phone, using pause button, the cashier messaged to her father "Emergency father, call help".

all Except one in bold is paused by the cashier.
"Is there an emergency father, Call me when you are free and I will help you in your furnishing"

#7 - L Lawliet Chemist Murder Mystery

To attend world science seminar, A famous chemist from Russia visit
Tokyo(Japan). In the lab, the scientist was killed and his six assistants were under suspicion of killing the chemist.
Name of six assistants: Austin, Wayne, Dege, Oscaru, Lingard, and Rojo.
He left a note "76-20-44 79-16-22-7"

A local detective L Lawliet was called to solve the case,

After reading the note, L Lawliet instantly asked the police to arrest the murderers.

Who are the murderers?

L Lawliet Chemist Murder Mystery

Oscaru and Austin.

The Chemist hide the name using periodic table as shown in below picture
76-20-44 => Os(76) + Ca(20) + Ru(44)
79-16-22-7=> Au(79) + S(16) + Ti(22) + N(7)

#8 - Lateral Thinking Murder Or Suicide Riddle

Alexis jumped off the top of building a suicide attempt not knowing that a safety net is already there near the 8th floor. However, he was interrupted by a bullet shot at the back of head fired near the 10th story window. Alexis falls on the safety net but was dead at the instance.
Normally if a person intends to commit suicide and his actions cause his death, it is a suicide even if the death does not take place in the way the person expected.
But if it's not the bullet Alexis must have survived.

Later on, investigation police found out that an old man angrily fired at her wife in the 1oth floor flat. however, shot missed the wife and hit the Alexis.
Normally, when a person intends to kill one human being and by his action kills another human being accidental, the charge is murder.

Later on the investigation, it was found out that gun was always unloaded and the man is just threatening his wife Further investigation revealed that the shotgun had been loaded by the couple's adult son, who was angry at his mother for cutting off monetary support. The son was hoping one day his father accidentally killed his mother
Normally when a person plans something whose action kills another human being, the charge is murder.

Note: This puzzle is copied from gpuzzles.com

Is this a murder or suicide and if murder who is guilty?

Lateral Thinking Murder Or Suicide Riddle

The death was ruled a suicide.

#9 - Homicide or Suicide Crime Scene riddle

Look carefully at this crime scene and find out if its a Suicide or a Homicide?

Homicide or Suicide Crime Scene riddle


1. The broken clock indicates there must be struggle in the room

2. The presence of another person can be inferred by two glasses.

3. There are a book and a pen on the bed which indicates that the dead person was reading and a suicide note was written from another pen which seems to be planted.

4. Crutches seem to be too far from the dead man.

#10 - Find The Killer Puzzle

Place your detective cap on and find the killer in the picture puzzle below?

Find The Killer Puzzle

The man with the cast
A) The man must have worn the cast to carry the weapon.

B) Why would a man with the cast go for shopping shirts and coats? Seems his intentions are something else (like killing)

C) The cashier and man next to her are both right-handed and based on blood strains which are on the left side of dead man indicates that killer must be a left-handed person.