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Crates of Fruit Problem

You are on an island and there are three crates of fruit that have washed up in front of you. One crate contains only apples. One crate contains only oranges. The other crate contains both apples and oranges.

Each crate is labeled. One reads "apples", one reads "oranges", and one reads "apples and oranges". You know that NONE of the crates have been labeled correctly - they are all wrong.

If you can only take out and look at just one of the pieces of fruit from just one of the crates, how can you label ALL of the crates correctly?

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1 comment:

  1. look at "apples and oranges"

    if you find apples
    "apples" contains oranges &
    "oranges" contains both

    else (you find oranges, you cannot find both)
    "oranges" contain apples &
    "apples" contain both