#1 - Short Humour Riddle

Suzan gives birth to an orphan. What does this make Suzan?

Short Humour Riddle


#2 - Funny Cow Riddle

The Cow walked ten meters north, walked ten meters east, walked ten meters south and last walked ten meters west.
All this time where was the tail pointing?

Funny Cow Riddle


#3 - Rock Group Dont Sing Riddle

There is a rock group of four men that do not sing. Name It?

Mount Rushmore (4 men faces carved into Mount Rushmord).

#4 - Stupid Peepal Tree Riddle

In a pool party, can you guess what does the Peepal tree wear?

Trunks :-)

#5 - Football Sports Riddle

In a picnic session, a footballer was practicing. During his play, he busted lips and ears and broke ribs and thighs. However, he was still able to play a professional match on the very next day.

How can this be possible?

The player knocked his food plate accidentally while playing. He was having pig lips, ears and ribs along with chicken thighs. When he knocked his plate, he busted pig lips, ears and ribs and chicken thighs.

Therefore, they were not his body injuries but the food.

#6 - Oneliner Ice Cream Riddle

Where do you go to learn how to make the ice cream ?

In a sundae school

#7 - Football Riddle

In a football game , Chelsea defeated Mani 2 - 0 but no man from either side scored. How can this be possible ?

Football Riddle

It was a Chelsea ladies team vs Manu ladies team.

#8 - Ghost Room Puzzle

Which room is the ghost always afraid of ?

The Living room.

#9 - Funny Campfire Riddle

Can you start the fire using two pieces of woods ?

Yes, make sure one of them is matchsticks.

#10 - Stupid Funny Riddle

One Night, a Cook, a Cobbler and a Fisherman went to a dinner together and asked the manager to split the bill equally among them. When the bill arrived, it was for four people.

How can this be possible?

The fourth person was the Knight, here misspelled as Night.