#1 - Find The Killer Puzzle

Place your detective cap on and find the killer in the picture puzzle below?

Find The Killer Puzzle

The man with the cast
A) The man must have worn the cast to carry the weapon.

B) Why would a man with the cast go for shopping shirts and coats? Seems his intentions are something else (like killing)

C) The cashier and man next to her are both right-handed and based on blood strains which are on the left side of dead man indicates that killer must be a left-handed person.

#2 - Fun Kidnapper Mystery Riddle

Who is the kidnapper?

Fun Kidnapper Mystery Riddle


In picture A the man is holding the boy while in rest two picture the boy is holding the hand of man.

#3 - Crime Scene Puzzle - Murder Or Suicide

Hercule Poirot arrived at a crime scene and based on clues at the scene he needs to identify if its a murder or a suicide.

Can you help him identify if its a murder or a suicide?

Crime Scene Puzzle - Murder Or Suicide

It's a Murder.

Indication-1: There is a sign of the struggle in the room.

Indication-2: In case of suicide, bullet wound is generally on the head but here the wound is on the chest.

Indication-3: The dead man is left handed as all his the stuff like phone pens are on the left side but the gun is on the right-hand side (must be planted).

#4 - Murder Or Suicide Perspective Picture Puzzle

Consider yourself to be an FBI agent and therefore look at the picture carefully and found out if its a Suicide or a murder?

Murder Or Suicide Perspective Picture Puzzle

This Murder Or Suicide Perspective Picture Puzzle is a special type of puzzles where clue tells us if it's a murder or suicide and is based on reader perspective

A) Evidence suggests its a Murder
1. There are many signs that suggest struggle in the room.

2. The dead man seems to be left handed as all the essential things like the glass of water, the laptop is placed on the left-hand side and the murderer not knowingly that man was a left-handed placed gun on the right side.

3. We can see a man running in the background and probably run after opening the window.

B) Evidence suggests its a Suicide
The guy was frustrated and bankrupt(In the picture we can see some sort of financial data which going down like anything). He got drunk. and smacked the bottle into the wall with frustration and threw everything on the floor.
He then writes a suicide note and placed it on the table.
Pulls out a gun and shoot himself.
Note: Also about the man running, fingerprint and man running direction does not match

My perspective answer: Its a murder.

#5 - Murderer Riddle

A woman is found dead in the ladies bathroom. Based on the picture below can you find the murderer?

Murderer Riddle

Number 3

Only ladies can enter a ladies bathroom and we have only one suspect a female(number 3) and hence the killer.

#6 - Alex Parrish Escape Gun Puzzle

Alex Parrish was so frustrated to be the suspect of being a sleeper terrorist that in her bathroom she shoot herself right between the eyes with a revolver. The revolver and the bullets were real. Minutes later Alex Parrish walks out from the bathroom unharmed.

How can this be possible ?

She shoots herself in the mirror.

#7 - Byomkesh Bakshi Mystery Puzzle

Byomkesh Bakshi was visiting his friend Ganpat Negi. He found out that his friend wife had just killed a burglar in self defence.
Bakshi asks Ganpat about what happened and he told that "His wife were watching television when suddenly the bell rang. She thought that it is her husband Ganpat but she found the burglar who attacked her instantly and she got so frightened that she killed the burglar immediately with the knife.
Byomkesh Bakshi asked the police to arrest here friend wife.
Why ?

Ganpat wife was planning to kill him and she planned to kill him as soon as he opened the door else why would she had the knife in her hand especially watching television.

#8 - Find The Thief Riddle

Can you find the thief by just looking at the picture below?

 Find The Thief Riddle

The Lady sitting in the chair has the detector attached to the back of her blouse.

#9 - Murder Or Suicide Puzzle

Be seeing the image below, you need to identify if it is a murder or suicide?

Murder Or Suicide Puzzle

I think it is a murder and not suicide. Reason:
1. Since the gun is on the right-hand side and the blood is splattered on the right-hand side of the wall which indicates it is not a suicide.
2. Also, if it is suicide, the victim must have waited for the cigrate to end.

Note: There is no definite answer for this question and it can be suicide or murder based on user perspective.

#10 - Detective Rockford Murder Puzzle

Detective Rockford was jogging near the beach ar 4:30 am.
He hears a sound near the shack "No Michael, Please Do not shoot me".
Next instance he heard a sound of gunfire. Rockford rushes to shack where he finds women lying dead and a gun in close proximity of three "Doctore Lawyer and a Teacher".

Rockford immediately knew that the Lawyer has committed the crime. How ?

Lawyer was the only man there (Michael is name of a man)