#1 - Scooter Presence of Mind Riddle

Can you determine who should pay for the scooter by looking at the below picture carefully?

Scooter Presence of Mind Riddle

The girl

#2 - Girl Stuck On Road

The internet is confused by the pic of the girl stuck on a sidewalk.
Can you figure it out?

Girl Stuck On Road

Its explained in the picture and video

#3 - Onion Pi Pictogram

What does this pictogram mean?

Onion Pi Pictogram

O + Pi + nion (Pi In Onion)
= Opinion

#4 - Famous Missing Man Brain Teaser

Count the number of men in the picture below sliding. They are 12.
Then after the sliding, there are 13 men.

From where we got the extra man?

Famous Missing Man Brain Teaser

All men lose the upper body and getting less for exchange. In this way, the losses of parts, account for one vanished one.

Watch the video for more detail.

#5 - Ghost ! Brain Teaser

One of the below four people is a ghost. Which one?

Ghost ! Brain Teaser

The third one as there is no shadow of the man?

#6 - Hidden Number Picture

Can you find the hidden number written in the below picture?

Hidden Number Picture

Number 66

#7 - Longest Line Brain Teaser

Which of the below line is the longest?

Longest Line Brain Teaser

Line - C

A^2= 3^2 + 6^2 => 9+36 => 45
B^2= 5^2 + 5^2 => 25+25 => 50
C^2= 6^2 + 4^2 => 36+16 => 52
D^2= 7^2 + 1^2 => 49+ 1 => 50

#8 - Balloon Ceiling Riddle

Which of the balloon is the farthest from the ceiling?

Balloon Ceiling Riddle

All are at an equal distance from the ceiling.

#9 - Safe Person Brain Teaser

Who is the safe person A or B?

Safe Person Brain Teaser

A, as the ladder of Person B, is about to break.

#10 - How Many Apples

How many apples are there in the picture below?

How Many Apples