#1 - Real Bird Brain Teaser

Can you find the real bird in the picture below?

Real Bird Brain Teaser

4th, check feathers

#2 - Find The Killer Puzzle

Place your detective cap on and find the killer in the picture puzzle below?

Find The Killer Puzzle

The man with the cast
A) The man must have worn the cast to carry the weapon.

B) Why would a man with the cast go for shopping shirts and coats? Seems his intentions are something else (like killing)

C) The cashier and man next to her are both right-handed and based on blood strains which are on the left side of dead man indicates that killer must be a left-handed person.

#3 - Fun Kidnapper Mystery Riddle

Who is the kidnapper?

Fun Kidnapper Mystery Riddle


In picture A the man is holding the boy while in rest two picture the boy is holding the hand of man.

#4 - Casino White Chip Brain Teaser

Can you locate the white chip in the picture full of casino chips?

Casino White Chip Brain Teaser

White chip is circled.

#5 - Coolest Maths Rebus

Can you tell us what does below rebus means?

Coolest Maths Rebus

I Over Ate

Check the mathematical solution on the image below.
Also, 8 in 2018 resembles a fat person.

#6 - Man Palm Counting Puzzle

Can you count the number of images in which man palm is pointing to number 1?

Man Palm Counting Puzzle


#7 - Maximum Painted Area Riddle

Which of below picture has the maximum painted area?

Maximum Painted Area Riddle


Picture-A has 13 painted units while Picture-B and Picture-C got 13 painted units.

#8 - 3 Cup Classic Lateral Thinking Puzzle

Below picture shows three empty cups. You need to put in your lateral thinking cap and place ten sugar cubes in three cups such that every cup contains an odd number of sugar cubes.
Can you do it?

3 Cup Classic Lateral Thinking Puzzle

Pour three sugar cubes on cup1 and cup3 and 4 sugar cubes on cup-4
Cup-1 got three sugar cubes.
Cup-3 got three sugar cubes.
Cup-2 got three seven cubes (3 of cup-1 and 4 of its own)

#9 - Morphed Picture Puzzle

This picture belongs to a famous group "Fifth harmony".
This picture is slightly morphed. Can you find the error in the picture below?

Morphed Picture Puzzle

Two right legs of one person.

#10 - Nobody Law Rebus Riddle

Can you decipher the rebus meaning?

Nobody Law Rebus Riddle

Nobody is above law.