#1 - Find The Killer Puzzle

Place your detective cap on and find the killer in the picture puzzle below?

Find The Killer Puzzle

The man with the cast
A) The man must have worn the cast to carry the weapon.

B) Why would a man with the cast go for shopping shirts and coats? Seems his intentions are something else (like killing)

C) The cashier and man next to her are both right-handed and based on blood strains which are on the left side of dead man indicates that killer must be a left-handed person.

#2 - Fun Kidnapper Mystery Riddle

Who is the kidnapper?

Fun Kidnapper Mystery Riddle


In picture A the man is holding the boy while in rest two picture the boy is holding the hand of man.

#3 - Steve Urkel And Magician Riddle

Steve Urkel challenges a magician that he can better is the act of standing under water for 8 minutes by at least 2 minutes.
The magician promised Steve that he will give him $1000 if he can do the same.

Steve won the challenge.


Steve Urkel And Magician Riddle

Steve filled a glass with water and held it over his head for 10 minutes.

#4 - 10 Horses 9 Run Slots Riddle

A horse race has been organized and you need to place ten horses in 9 running slot as shown below.

[] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

How can you do this?

10 Horses 9 Run Slots Riddle

The horses can be arranged as below.

[T] [E] [N] [H] [O] [R] [S] [E] [S]

#5 - 3 Cup Classic Lateral Thinking Puzzle

Below picture shows three empty cups. You need to put in your lateral thinking cap and place ten sugar cubes in three cups such that every cup contains an odd number of sugar cubes.
Can you do it?

3 Cup Classic Lateral Thinking Puzzle

Pour three sugar cubes on cup1 and cup3 and 4 sugar cubes on cup-4
Cup-1 got three sugar cubes.
Cup-3 got three sugar cubes.
Cup-2 got three seven cubes (3 of cup-1 and 4 of its own)

#6 - Valid Chess Move Brain Teaser

As we know that in a game of chess white piece player will always start. So is below chessboard arrangement can be valid in a chess game?

Valid Chess Move Brain Teaser

Yes, its possible

White starts the game with the knight and then black move the pawn in the position as shown in the picture. Finally white brings the knight to the original position.

#7 - Maximum Water Glass Puzzle

Look carefully at the picture below and can you identify the glass with maximum water?

Maximum Water Glass Puzzle

Glass "B"
The object in the glass "B" has the minimum volume as compared to the rest of objects in other glasses and hence has the maximum water.

#8 - Which Tank Fill First Puzzle

Which tank will fill first?

Which Tank Fill First Puzzle

Tank "F".

The flow of water is shown in the image below and hence we can conclude that Tank "F" will fill first.
Also, the water supply for pipe "H" is blocked and hence tank "H" will remain empty.

#9 - Detective James Gordon - Hot Air Balloon Brain Teaser

In Gotham, a thief was found dead and the police were unable to solve the mystery behind the death. The dead man was found in a desert naked and with a half of the toothpick. One day before the death, the man along with his three friends were spotted by a witness crossing the desert using a hot air balloon. The witness also mentioned that all the four men throw their clothes off probably because the balloon was losing the attitude because of overweight.
Detective James Gordon was called to solve the death, mystery and he immediately tells everyone how the thief died. Can you explain the same?

Detective James Gordon - Hot Air Balloon Brain Teaser

Detective James Gordon explains that the balloon was losing attitude so all friends decided to take off their clothes in order to decrease the overall weight but when balloon continues to lose the attitude they decide one of them need to jump to the desert to decrease the weight.
The man who must jump is decided by the famous death game where one who picks the shortest toothpick must die.

#10 - Office Christmas Party Riddle

Josh Parker organizes an exotic office Christmas party at the beach to his important fellow employees.
Following are the important people that will come to the party
1. Josh Parker
2. Josh Parker 2 girlfriends- Carol Vanstone and Tracey Hughes
3. The sales head Clay Vanstone.
4. Clay Vanstone 2 associates.
5. Mr. Jeremy and his Secret Tab.

They all need to cross a small river to reach the beach, however, Josh Parker has got just one boat.
There are few rules for crossing the river.
1. The capacity of the boat is limited to just two people.
2. Clay Vanstone associates will not stay with Josh Parker without Clay Vanstone.
3. Carol Vanstone and Tracey Hughes will not stay with the Clay Vanstone without Josh Parker.
4. Mr. Jeremy would never leave the Secret Tab alone.
5. Secret Tab counts as a person.
6. Only Josh Parker, Clay Vanstone or Mr. Jeremy can drive the boat.
7. The two girlfriends Carol Vanstone and Tracey Hughes will not stay with the Clay Vanstone without Josh Parker.
8. No Associates would stay with Josh Parker without their Clay Vanstone.
9. Mr.Jeremy will not leave the Secret Tab alone.

1. Mr.Jeremy and girlfriend1, Mr.Jeremy back
2. Mr.Jeremy and girlfriend2, Mr.Jeremy back
3. Clay Vanstone and Josh Parker, Clay Vanstone back
4. Mr.Jeremy and Secret Tab, Mr.Jeremy back
5. Mr.Jeremy and Clay Vanstone, Mr.Jeremy back
6. Mr.Jeremy and associate1, Mr.Jeremy back
7. Mr.Jeremy and associate2.