#1 - UnReal Person Riddle

Identify the person who is not real?

UnReal Person Riddle

The boy in the center as he has no shadow.

#2 - Which bucket will fill first

Look carefully in the picture below and identify which bucket will fill first?

Which bucket will fill first


#3 - 40 Teapot Brain Teaser

If Teapot А can contain 40 cups of tea. How many cups of tea can teapot В contain?

40 Teapot Brain Teaser

If Teapot А can contain 40 cups of tea. How many cups of tea can teapot В contain?

#4 - Elevator Calling Brain Teaser

A famous hotel has seven floors. Five people are living on the ground floor and each floor has three more people on it than the previous one.

Which floor calls the elevator the most?

Elevator Calling Brain Teaser

Ground Floor.

Any person staying on the floor other than the ground floor would have to call the elevator to reach their respective floors. So, the ground floor calls the elevator way above the individual floors.

#5 - Weather Prediction Brain Teaser

If it's raining at 12 a.m.

Could you expect sunny weather in 72 hours?

Weather Prediction Brain Teaser

No, because it will be night again in 72 hours, and there can be no sun in the sky.

#6 - Scooter Presence of Mind Riddle

Can you determine who should pay for the scooter by looking at the below picture carefully?

Scooter Presence of Mind Riddle

The girl

#7 - 4 Pills Riddle

A doctor gave you 4 pills and ordered you to take one every half an hour. How many minutes will go from the moment you take the first pill to the moment toy take the last pill?

4 Pills Riddle

90 minutes.

1st Pill, 12:00
2nd Pill, 12:30
3rd Pill, 13:00
4th Pill, 13:30

#8 - Somebody's Mom Son Riddle

Somebody's mom has 4 sons North, South & East. What is the name of the fourth son.
Write the name of the 4th son in the comments section below.

Somebody's Mom Son Riddle


It is clearly mentioned that "What is the name of the fourth son". Note it's a statement with a period(.) and not with a question mark(?).

Most of the people has given the answer as "West" or "somebody".

#9 - Cricket Brain Teaser

In this cricket match, all batsmen got bowled on the very first ball they faced. Assuming there are no extras in the inning.

Which batsman number will not be out at the end of the inning?

Cricket Brain Teaser


1st over:
1st Ball, Batsman-1 got out
2nd Ball, Batsman-3 got out
3rd Ball, Batsman-4 got out
4th Ball, Batsman-5 got out
5th Ball, Batsman-6 got out
6th Ball, Batsman-7 got out

Before the start of a new over, the batsmen will swap strikes.
i.e Batsman-2 at nonstriker will become striker and batsman-8 will go at the nonstriker end.

2nd over:
1st Ball, Batsman-2 got out
2nd Ball, Batsman-9 got out
3rd Ball, Batsman-10 got out
4th Ball : Batsman-11 got out

#10 - Girl Stuck On Road

The internet is confused by the pic of the girl stuck on a sidewalk.
Can you figure it out?

Girl Stuck On Road

Its explained in the picture and video