#1 - Detective James Gordon - Hot Air Balloon Brain Teaser

In Gotham, a thief was found dead and the police were unable to solve the mystery behind the death. The dead man was found in a desert naked and with a half of the toothpick. One day before the death, the man along with his three friends were spotted by a witness crossing the desert using a hot air balloon. The witness also mentioned that all the four men throw their clothes off probably because the balloon was losing the attitude because of overweight.
Detective James Gordon was called to solve the death, mystery and he immediately tells everyone how the thief died. Can you explain the same?

Detective James Gordon - Hot Air Balloon Brain Teaser

Detective James Gordon explains that the balloon was losing attitude so all friends decided to take off their clothes in order to decrease the overall weight but when balloon continues to lose the attitude they decide one of them need to jump to the desert to decrease the weight.
The man who must jump is decided by the famous death game where one who picks the shortest toothpick must die.

#2 - Office Christmas Party Riddle

Josh Parker organizes an exotic office Christmas party at the beach to his important fellow employees.
Following are the important people that will come to the party
1. Josh Parker
2. Josh Parker 2 girlfriends- Carol Vanstone and Tracey Hughes
3. The sales head Clay Vanstone.
4. Clay Vanstone 2 associates.
5. Mr. Jeremy and his Secret Tab.

They all need to cross a small river to reach the beach, however, Josh Parker has got just one boat.
There are few rules for crossing the river.
1. The capacity of the boat is limited to just two people.
2. Clay Vanstone associates will not stay with Josh Parker without Clay Vanstone.
3. Carol Vanstone and Tracey Hughes will not stay with the Clay Vanstone without Josh Parker.
4. Mr. Jeremy would never leave the Secret Tab alone.
5. Secret Tab counts as a person.
6. Only Josh Parker, Clay Vanstone or Mr. Jeremy can drive the boat.
7. The two girlfriends Carol Vanstone and Tracey Hughes will not stay with the Clay Vanstone without Josh Parker.
8. No Associates would stay with Josh Parker without their Clay Vanstone.
9. Mr.Jeremy will not leave the Secret Tab alone.

1. Mr.Jeremy and girlfriend1, Mr.Jeremy back
2. Mr.Jeremy and girlfriend2, Mr.Jeremy back
3. Clay Vanstone and Josh Parker, Clay Vanstone back
4. Mr.Jeremy and Secret Tab, Mr.Jeremy back
5. Mr.Jeremy and Clay Vanstone, Mr.Jeremy back
6. Mr.Jeremy and associate1, Mr.Jeremy back
7. Mr.Jeremy and associate2.

#3 - Decipher Teacher Favorite Movie

Chemistry Teacher : "Hi Johny".
Johny : "Hi Teacher, What is your favorite movie ?".
Chemistry Teacher : "Indium Cerium Platinum Iodine Oxygen Nitrogen" .
Ten seconds later.... Johny replied i got it.

Do you ?


Chemical symbol of Indium : In, Cerium : Ce, Platinum : P, Iodine : I, Oxygen : O, Nitrogen : N.
Combining symbols, we got Inception.

#4 - The Winchester Family Riddle

Mr. and Mrs. Winchester have six sons and each son has one sister.
How many members are in Winchester family ?


Mr. Winchester, Mrs. Winchester, 6 sons and 1 daughter(one sister)

#5 - Family Relationship Puzzle

There are six people in a family namely M, N, O, P, Q and R.

R and O are brother and sister.

N is the brother of Q husband.
P is the father of M and grandfather of R.

Can you calculate the number of male members in the family?

First of all, let us collect all the information we have and form facts based on that.

P is the father of M and the grandfather of R.
O and F are siblings and children of M.
N is the brother of Q husband.
Now we know that there can only be one mother and O and R are children, P is the father and N is he brother. It implies that M and Q must be married giving us the fact that M is also a male.

Therefore, M, N, P and R are males.

#6 - The Logical Apples Puzzle

An apple seller is hosting a competition. He offers 1000 apples and 10 boxes to the people who pass by. The challenge is to put those 1000 apples in the 10 boxes in such a manner that if he asks for any amount of apples, the person is able to directly give him the boxes or a combination of boxes. If the person can do it, he promises to give a thousand apples for free.

If you happen to pass by the apple seller, will you be able to win a thousand apples?

A geometric progression is what will come into play in solving this puzzle.

Box 1 = 1
Box 2 = 2
Box 3 = 4
Box 4 = 8
Box 5 = 16
Box 6 = 32
Box 7 = 64
Box 8 = 128
Box 9 = 256

For the tenth box, we will simply keep the number of apples left.

Box 10 = 489.

You may try yourself and you will be able to simply give the box for any amount of apples.

#7 - McDonald's Halloween Riddle

McDonald announces special prize in the USA on the occasion of Halloween for kids.

Vanilla Cone costs 60 cents
Cheeseburger costs 65 cents
Filet-O-Fish costs 54 cents

How much does Happy Meal Cost ?

48 cents

The Cost of vowel is 6 cents, cost of consonant is 5 cents.

In Happy meal, consonants are HppyMl and vowels are aea.
6*5 + 3*6 = 48 cents

#8 - Alex Parrish Escape Gun Puzzle

Alex Parrish was so frustrated to be the suspect of being a sleeper terrorist that in her bathroom she shoot herself right between the eyes with a revolver. The revolver and the bullets were real. Minutes later Alex Parrish walks out from the bathroom unharmed.

How can this be possible ?

She shoots herself in the mirror.

#9 - The United States President Puzzle

The United States 22nd and the 24th president got the same father.
Their mother is also the same.
Both are not twins but born at the same time.
None of them are adopted.
Both are male.

Who are they ?

They were the same person "Grover Cleveland".

#10 - New Answer Every Time Riddle

There is a riddle which can be asked all day with a different correct answer each time. What is the riddle ?

Riddle is "What is the correct time ?".