#1 - Scientist Name Plexer

Which scientist name is hidden in the below plexer?

Scientist Name Plexer

Isaac Newton

I + Sack(saac) + Knee(new) + Ton

#2 - Rebus Decode Riddle

Can you decode the below rebus ?

Rebus Decode Riddle

You Are Under Arrest

#3 - Coffee Rebus Puzzle

What does below rebus identifies ?

Coffee Rebus Puzzle

Coffee Break

#4 - Geography Rebus Riddle

Can you solve the below geography rebus by decoding the below rebus ?

Geography Rebus Riddle

Unites States.

#5 - The Month Rebus

Can you guess the name of month by looking the below rebus ?

The Month Rebus

JulyCut the Image horizontal and look into the bottom image you will get the below image.

#6 - Easy Picture Rebus Riddle

what one word does below rebus identifies ?

Easy Picture Rebus Riddle

Reasoning (Reason in G)

#7 - Current Time Rebus

The current time can be represented by below textual rebus.


Can you tell us the current time?

2 degree below zero

#8 - Simple Popular Rebus

What does below rebus means ?

Simple Popular Rebus

Happy Birthday To You

#9 - Find Company Name Pictogram

Can you find company name from the pictogram below?

Find Company Name Pictogram

Microsoft (Mic + Crow + Softy)

#10 - Simple Picture Rebus Puzzle

What does below rebus puzzle means?

Simple Picture Rebus Puzzle