#1 - Rebus Puzzle For Kids

What does this say: T RN?

Rebus Puzzle For Kids

No U Turn

#2 - Funny Rebus Puzzle

What Word is represented by this rebus.?

Funny Rebus Puzzle


#3 - Decode The Picture Puzzle

Can you decode this picture and tell me what it says ?

Decode The Picture Puzzle

I Ate Some Pie and It Was Delicious

#4 - Picture Puzzle

What is the word or phrase?

Picture Puzzle


#5 - Rebus Word Problem

What does this say? esgg sgeg gegs gsge

Rebus Word Problem

Scrambled eggs

#6 - Difficult Riddle

What does this say? XLR8

Difficult Riddle


#7 - Word Rebus

What word does this rebus represent?

meta meta
meta meta

Word Rebus

Metaphor (Meta 4).

#8 - Science Rebus Riddle

Luis Garavito killed Density x Volume.

Who is Luis Garavito ?

Science Rebus Riddle

He was Mass Murderer.

Density multiplied by volume equals mass.
Therefore, Luis Garavito killing mass would mean Luis Garavito was a MASS murderer

#9 - Easy Movie Rebus Riddle

Identify the movie name ?

Easy Movie Rebus Riddle

Pirates of Caribbean

#10 - Hard Word Plexer

Which word does the below Plexer means ?

Hard Word Plexer