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Typist Problem

If two typists can type two pages in two minutes, how many typists does it take to type 18 pages in 18 minutes

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  1. Are you asking kindergarten school children ?

  2. Its a trick teaser and it might sound like a school children puzzle to some people.But still post ur ans

  3. Yes, looking at the answers , I shud withdraw my comment :-)
    2 typists churning out 2 pages every 2 minutes,
    so the same two typists will churn out 2n pages
    every 2n minutes.
    " n " can be 9 or any other number!!

    Unless , of course , the typists being many form an union and resort to a Hartal when one never knows how many days :-)

  4. lol...... so much confusion for this question...

    newys answer is 2.... query closed.... regards

  5. Two typists can do it in 18 monutes, presuming that both are working simultaneously, on separte machines.

    <> i.e. <>. So, <> and <>.

    , how many typists does it take to type 18 pages in 18 minutes

  6. two typists 1st time completes 1,2 pages in first 2mins ,2nd time 3,4 pages in next 2mins .........
    9th time 17,18 pages will be completed.
    so only 2 typists are required to complete the task

  7. only 2..........

  8. If 2 typists type 2 pages in 2 mins then 1 typist can type 1 page in one min...that means the same typist can type 18 pages in 18 minutes...

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