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Distance Puzzle

Distance Puzzle - 30 August

Two friends decide to get together; so they start riding bikes towards each other. They plan to meet halfway. Each is riding at 6 MPH. They live 36 miles apart. One of them has a pet carrier pigeon and it starts flying the instant the friends start traveling. The pigeon flies back and forth at 18 MPH between the 2 friends until the friends meet.

How many miles does the pigeon travel?

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  2. relative speed is 6+6 = 12 mph. So, to cover 36 miles, time taken is 36/6= 6 hours. In this much time, the pigeon can travel maximum of 72 miles with a speed of 18mph assuming the time taken for reversing the direction is zero.

  3. time taken = 36/12 = 3 hours

    distance traveled by pigeon in 3 hours = 54 miles.

  4. 54

    It takes 3 hours for the friends to meet; so the pigeon flies for 3 hours at 18 MPH = 54 miles

  5. 27+27/2+27/4+27/8+27/26.....=54 MILES

  6. 3hours p=18ph 18times 3=54 answer =54miles

  7. They will meet after three hours
    pigeon travels 18 miles per hour
    3 * 18 = 54 miles