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Crazy Interview Riddle

Crazy Interview Riddle - 18 October

An interview was conducted to test the structure, usage and competence of all the English Letters. To do this, each letter was interviewed for one hour in sequence and the interview was expected to take a whole day. Letter A was the first, then B, C, D ... till letter X which rounded off the interview. Why was letter Y and Z left out?

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  1. There are 24 hours in a day and 26 Letters. Each letter is allotted one hour. Hence, letter Y and Z could not be interviewed because both exceeded the 24 hours Standard Time. Letter Y and Z are 25th and 26th respectively.

  2. The interview was to take a whole day or 24 hours when they dealt with 'X' the 24 hours were complete. So they did not reach the Y and Z.

  3. Y and Z will be held on next day

  4. A whole day has only 24 hours, so Y & Z are 25th & 26th letters which could not possible to conduct interview on that day. simple