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Sam Loyd Maths Puzzle

Sam Loyd Maths Puzzle - 5 January

Charley Smalleash treats his best girl to a trolley ride, but on account of his limited resources they plan to walk back, so, if the car goes at the rate of nine miles an hour and they can walk at the rate of three miles an hour, how far could they ride if they must be back in eight hours?

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  1. 28 miles.
    I think.
    In one go..if they travel
    4.5 miles in half hr,than 9 miles in 3hr and than 1.5 miles in half hour,total 14 miles.
    And same process for returning journey.:)

  2. They can travel in car for 2 hours, which means 2*9 = 18 miles. On the way back they need 6 hours for covering the same distance = 6*3 = 18 miles.